PlotsFormation - Ensures the creation of plots in the cloud

Do you want to join the Chia network, but you do not want to spend on the purchase of specific equipment only for creating plots? Tell us your demand and the fields will be delivered within 24 hours.

What makes us stand out?

  • You pay for 1TB (that’s 10 plots).
  • Relatively quick service.
  • Automatic download link delivery.
  • Term lease possible.
  • High-speed network connection that allows you to freely download your formation pools.
  • Possible extension of the detention of plots for download.

Where can you find us?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to share my Chia Farmer key and Pool key?

    • Sharing your public keys is always safe. But don’t trust our word for it, just ask around on the Chia forums or look up other resources. Your private keys should never be shared. Your private keys protect your Chia, if you give those out anybody can use your wallet to send transactions.
  • What is the average Chia plot generation time

    • The plot generation time differs based on the used Chia software version and the various hardware we employ. The average plot generation time is currently around ~7 hours. This is not including any waiting time before the plot starts. Plots are always started staggered, so there is some delay between the creation of an order and the actual starting time of the plotting process.
  • How do I get the download link?

    • In fact, you choose whether where the links should be sent to you, so that the parcels reach you as quickly as possible.
  • Can I increase the download speed, and what does it look like in practice?

    • In a lot of cases this is indeed possible. Downloads are usually speed limited per-thread, by using applications that can divide the plot into multiple segments and downloading those in parallel it’s usually possible to max out your connection.
    • How the download speed is distributed in relation to the number of plots
    2000 Mbps 429 sec. 2145 sec. 4290 sec.
    1000 Mbps 858 sec. 4290 sec. 8580 sec.
    500 Mbps 1717 sec. 8585 sec. 17170 sec.
    It should be noted that the given time may differ from the given calculations due to different components and the state of the network

Thank you for your time, we sincerely have a sales model that will find its buyers, with best regards

Nice looking site and attractive pricing!

One note: It seems a little … sales-y to describe download speeds (and therefore times) in terms of MB/s when data rates are typically measured in Mb/s.

A couple of questions:

  • Can you expand on “you choose whether where the links should be sent to you, so that the parcels reach you as quickly as possible.”? Does that I mean I can pick from a list of datacenters to select the one with the best connectivity for me? Or do you mean something else?
  • Which tools would you recommend for: “by using applications that can divide the plot into multiple segments and downloading those in parallel it’s usually possible to max out your connection” ?

You choose the closest data center in Europe or the USA from the available ones, we can also send the links in the most convenient way for you.

Will suggest

  • jdownloader
  • lftp
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Folx is also a good download manager. Mac only though.

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This looks very affordable. I’ll give it a shot, and will leave a review here once we’re all done with the transaction.

Let’s say I want to order 3TB worth, and I’m based in California. Walk me through the cost and turnaround time for that.


Hey @PlotsFormation, let me know how we can get started!

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Select the package - you will find the desired package on, the selected package justifies the delivery time and its price, the Canada location is most accessible to us to make the plot creation available to you.
In a private message (here on the forum) I have sent you individually the details of how to make the transaction.

Sounds good, I’ll place an order tonight!

Cool service! Thanks for sharing.

I wanted to point out that I think you have some mistakes in your download speeds for plots. You posted that 1000Mb/s (assuming you mean megabits) has a 65 second download time for 1 plot (about 108GB). A download speed of 1000Mb/s is 125MB (megabytes) a second. That’s 864 seconds, or 15 minutes, not 65 seconds as you mentioned… The same is true for all calculations listed.

I’ve been doing remote plotting on dedicated machines and the transfer is the biggest bottleneck. Just thought I’d mention this so everyone has a clear idea of just how big these files are and how long they take.


I’m on a theoretic gigabit connection, but at fastest I’m getting 85 megabytes a second (MBps). It takes me about 50-60 min to download a k 32 plot.

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Hello! Did you finally place an order? I placed mine 2 days ago and I have no news from them since then


i’ve placed over 24h ago and no response

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I didn’t yet, I was in discussion with this vendor and another and went with that other vendor first (Search this section and you’ll find my review, don’t want to cross link vendors here).

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I’m afraid that this doesn’t look legit

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Update: @PlotsFormation Please respond to the various people above who have engaged you for service in a publicly viewable way in this thread within the next 24 hours to show that your service is active.

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Building plots started 4 hours ago, we informed about the time shift prior to purchase.

We will need a reply to a private message in the forum asking to communicate with us in order to make the purchase - to validate it.


Hey, guys. could someone confirm if this is a legit and reliable service?

Considering plotting takes a bit of time, let’s give the vendor the opportunity to deliver to their customers, and then the customers can drop reviews here about the overall experience.

Hello everyone, last night I received the link of the first plot, hosted in wasabi sys. After 11 hours the download has finished and the plot is farming propertly. I have to receive 9 plots yet but this is an advance. I will keep you all posted.

Wasabi is an interessting choice for the storage of plots especially because than the short time to download makes no sense. Wasabi has a minimum storage time of 90 days. Which costs over 15$ for 10 Plots. This and that your account will be shut down if you download more than your active storage, can be found in the fine print. So it could happen that Wasabi shuts down their account and you loose access to you plots. Also economically it makes no sense.

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