Plottair - Pooled plots now available


We now have pooled plots available for purchase over at

We offer:

  1. One full month of retention for each plot so you have all the time in the world to download your plots.
  2. Multiple fast download servers located all over the world at different cloud providers so there is always one close to you.
  3. Hundreds of parallel workers so big orders are generated usually within a day.
  4. Harvester hosting available if you want to harvest from our cloud directly.
  5. Completely self-service and transparent pricing.

We have generated over 15k plots for our customers and counting!

If there are any questions let me know :slight_smile:

I looked at your “Chia Cloud Harvesting” offer.
I did a calculation with 100 TB because that is what I personally have mining and pooling (replacing to go pooling). With everything together, I’m making about 250$ (=210€) per month. With more farmers joining the pooling option, the earnings will be less with quicker Net growth.

Your option (in the image attached) does not make any sense to buy, for me at least.

Paying 850€ monthly (even with commitment, 923€ with 1 month commitment, free to cancel after the 1st month, meaning possible to make the 2nd month’s bill the last one) to earn 210€ (soon less) is not understandable.