Plotter setup from existing 4 yo hardware + new NVME and HDD


My system is
CPU : Intel Core i7 7700 4 Core 8 Threads
RAM : 32GB
Mainboard : MSI Z270 Tomahawk (2 x M.2 Slots)
Crucial MX300 275GB SSD for booting.
Using Windows 10 GUI to plot, going to move to CLI soon.

So I plan to use this setup to run 6 parallel plotting at the same time, thus I need to unplug my graphic card (a 1080).
Is it possible to use an M.2 extension cable and still use the graphic card? then I’d be able to plug in 2 monitors (or maybe I’d use a diff cable and use the DVI-D and HDMI instead)

My purchases would be
2x 1TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD NVME
Heatsink for the M.2
60TB of External USB 3 HDD for farming (before the price rises, these are the cheapest $/TB I could get rn)

Questions are :

  • Is this a wise decision? would it be better for me to purchase a new CPU+Mainboard+RAM entirely instead of repurposing existing hardware to get more plotting speed instead of putting the money into the Farming HDDs (before the scalpers raise the prices)

  • Can I use RAID0 on the 2x1TB on Windows 10 and use MDADM and still go for 6 parallel plotting?

  • What kind of heatsinks do I need ? I’ve never used heatsinks before.

  • The Mainboard only have 3 USB 3.1 slots, I plan to plug in 6 at once to reduce stagger when plotting so I can use diff final plotting location for each parallels, can I use an extension for this? I don’t know how it works.

Thanks in advance.