Plotting advice please

I have i9 11900 2.5 ghz 8 cores. with 32gb of ram. and Samsung pro 980 2 TB SSD. and many external hdd’s.

My first question is i can only plot 5 at the same time with 16 threads active and my ram. When i try 6 one of them stops at %1. How can i improve that?

Other thing is If i buy another 2tb same ssd. Can i do more plotting? how should i distribute my ram and my threads. because it is advised 2 or 4 threads with 4gb of ram. I can upgrade my ram no problem. But i dont know if my processor can handle it. And what is my possible highest plotting amount with 4 tb(2+2) combined.

I am very new to mining, i will really appricate if you could help me out.

6 plots on a 2tb should be no problem now, (250gb per plot), but you should stagger an hour. Assume 2 threads per plot. I stay under 90% capacity on my nvmes. Also make sure your temp directories are clean if you have crashes.

You should be able to plot 7 parallel with a stagger of 30-40 Mins, with your ram, I recommend you to get another 1TB to add 3 more into your queue. but the 30-40 min stagger is critical to avoid resource collision.

You are trying to plot as much as possible within 24 hr cycle with the balance of quantity and speed.

Thank you for the answer, Now i have 2 samsung ssd’s. 2 tb each. But i dont think i can plot more than 8 with my 8/16 processor. With my current setup and with 2 980 pro 2tb’s what is the best way to do fast plotting? 4 on each ssd’s or ?

I can upgrade my cpu and ram but i am trying to get most out of it till i upgrade.