Plotting and way to resume after crash

by plotting and the pc crashes, is there a way to resume there we stopped?
can we fix it in the gui
would be nice

No, once its crashed just delete any temp data and start over.


Your best bet is to use mad max plotter instead. It uses less system resources (less likely to crash your system), and since its plotting sequentially instead of in parallel, if a crash does happen you only lose a single plot instead of many plots.

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I understood that madmax. had been used to hack accounts?
well, i will try to familiarize myself with it,
with second pc and nft plots

Afaik it was a fake account that was hosting the malicious MM , the correct one is fine I think.

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forced to go through windows power shell with madmax?

Yes . ( 20 characters)

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The latest windows version by Stotiks actually has a pretty neat GUI with it


Just Took madMAx43v3r_chia-plotter_win_v0.1.6-chives
.\chia_plot.exe -n 1 -r 8 -t D:\ -2 Z:\ -d K:\ -c xxx -f xxx -u 128 plot-k33
but started with k32 anyway???

note that the Windows version often comes with a hefty performance penalty. In the recent NFT versions, for me I get >2.5x speed increase from using Linux, ymmv


also i hope it will be nft plots
as i put -c instead of -p ?

Yes. The command I am using for mad max NFT plots looks like this;

chia_plot \
--threads 16 \
-K 2 \
--buckets 512 \
--tmpdir /mnt/ssd1/ \
--tmpdir2 /mnt/ssd2/ \
--count -1 \
--farmerkey abcdef \
--contract xyzabc
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buckets 512 !
i thought 128 or 258^^
actually i don’t know the difference…

256 is the default on most versions of mad max; 128 used to be default in previous versions

I found that 512 runs faster on my machine, might try higher values later too

Are you plotting on ramdisk?

That is where most of the difference seems to be.

On my dual xeon with ramdisk temp2, nvme temp1 I got +/- 30 mins on Ubuntu
44 mins on Windows now.

On my 3900x machine I was plotting on 2x nvme and saw near to no difference between Ubuntu and Windows

I am using two NVMe SSDs

Windows used to give me 40min plots prior to NFTs, after the NFT updates mad max plotting speed dropped to 70-90min. Now on Linux I am getting <30min plots with the exact same hardware.

between Ubuntu and Linux? :smirk:

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