Plotting as a Service - EU

We are an EU based plotting service with a theoretical maximum of ~8TB/day - more to come.
We guarantee 5TB / day effective plotting at a price of about 1,70€ per plot - 17€ per TB.

We are taking orders currently. You can either send us your drive (internal SATA or external USB) or we can mail you one of our 12TB external USB drives (ask for the current price). You pay 50% up front, the other 50% before we send your drive away (we send you a video which will proof the plots and your HDDs are working).

If you pay with ETH/BTC, we may start to pre-plot your plots even before your HDD arrives as the money will receive instantly. As a result we may be able to send your HDD away on the same day we receive it. Note that this is not guaranteed, but may vary depending on demand, we only guarantee you 5 TB / day when your drive arrives.

You will have to pay for shipping. If your drives arrive damaged at our place, we send them back to you so you can handle the case with the seller of the drive. - We can however provide replacement in form of 12TB Drives, fully plot them and send them back with your damaged drive. Please understand that you are responsible for a good packaging - HDDs are fragile and should be treated as such when sent away.

We only sell within the EU.

Please understand that we cannot accept Paypal or Credit Cards because of security reasons. We accept Bitcoin/ETH and Wire Transfer.

You can also contact us at or message here personally.

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No Paypal for security reasons? This raises my eyebrow. Are you worried someone will know your Name and address?

Hi, no. Based on our previous experience it is quite easy for scammers to initiate a conflict on paypal, which can result in a long, tedious process to resolve this. Also, you can add a credit card there and there is a lot of CC-fraud going on, resulting in payments with stolen credit cards - not something we want to deal with.

If in doubt, you can always pay with wire transfer. This is by far the safest method of payment, both for the seller and the buyer.

If you are worried about the time it takes, there is a shipping/fulfillment time anyway, so it should not result in much of a delay.


Thank you for explaining it.

Bump. We are again open for orders.

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Are you still taking orders? please check your mailbox for my request.