Plotting as a service - paas

hey fellow chiaites! (too soon?)

I just finished plotting every ounce of disk space I have approx ~50TB and now my Chia budget is exhausted. I built two sick Chia plotting rigs in the process and can do ~7TB / day. I know some dudes in AUS are offering send a drive and have it plotted for $20/TB, I’m open for biz and I’m in Texas if that interests you. I can buy the drive, you can amazon me the drive, whatever floats your boat. but right now my plotters are sitting bored. So if you want to get a jump on transactions being enabled and exchange listing week 1 of May. I CAN HELP. if you wanna negotiate in BTC, I would also be amenable to a discount. Happy plotting!

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It’s obviously chia pets :smile: , plotting as a service is a good game to play. Do you have evidence of plotting speed?

Evidence?? The Chia CLI doesn’t keep historical performance logs. It only provides performance logging on a per plot basis. I’m actually being conservative in my capacity because I want to be able to provide a 16TB drive filled with plots in 4 days. I have 4 total systems I could dedicate to the task if need be. Also for full transparency, a drive labeled 16TB will provide ~14.55 TiB and 146 total plots at (102GiB per plot). If you want to send me a drive, I would also be amenable to 50% payment up front, 50% on delivery.

I’d be interested in plotting on s3 or it’s equivalent. If at all possible.

Is it possible to plot on behalf without having the private key of the user?

edit: I didn’t think you could plot without the private key… guess i was wrong.

@dchuk maybe this should be in the buy/sell/trade/service category?

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Yeah agreed. I’ll set that up right now and move this thread and that one where I shared the drive deal at Costco into it. Thanks for the heads up!

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Yes, absolutely! I don’t require your private key just your public framer and pool key.

This is totally false: Farming on many machines · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

Farming is not plotting tho?

second bullet point:

When creating plots on the other harvesters, use chia plots create -f farmer_key -p pool_key, inserting the farmer and pool keys from your main machine. Alternatively, you could copy your private keys over by using chia keys add, but this is less secure. After creating a plot, run chia plots check to ensure everything is working correctly.

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you should NEVER NEVER NEVER give out your private key to anyone for any reason. Just recite the idiom “whoever holds the keys, holds the keys to the kingdom”

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:point_up_2: yes! There are special OTHER keys you can provide if you want someone to farm on your behalf – farmer_key and pool_key as stated earlier!

.\chia keys show
Showing all private keys:

Fingerprint: 3516030376
Master public key (m): b1c0b0da6c70235a360de2d85a0d2f3a00dd065d1a350d735cb1a872312be7bdebe3bd2a3b8c28f7f3e0bb6eeb01b502
Master private key (m): xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Farmer public key (m/12381/8000/0/0):: 8d577c6df158fb2310668bdb5b1de52a0ddc1b00c05fb0d81ffaba5ccb0b27dc0fd5b18725dbdfb0cef010b71a753db5
Pool public key (m/12381/8000/1/0): b5be5c3f50702bac0bbff21e00aac05588effc0bd210273080ee17f0fcbdf0bc70501cebaa2686011d00ed3bc8d77810

This allows for someone to use the last two keys @codinghorror just pasted here for example, to plot on his behalf. You don’t have to share private keys to create plots for someone.


Also, I mangled those keys so they aren’t valid just in case :wink:

Aw, dang - I was going to send you a couple thank you plots uuencoded in 300 emails.