[plotting] asking about plot setting

Hi guys, i want ask about your setting in CHIA PLOT & your specs hardware.

And can you give me some advice for this specs (how much plot parallel, how much thread must use & detail of setting plotting):

Motherboard : ROG STRIX B550-A GAMING
Processor : AMD Ryzen 3700X (8 core , 16 thread, 3.6 Ghz)
M.2 SSD : 1x 2TB Corsair MP600 (NvMe)
HDD : 1 x 2 TB (barracuda seagate) & 1 x 8TB ( Baracuda Seagate )
RAM : Team Force Zeus 2 x 32 GB ( 64 GB )

Your help really helped me :slight_smile:

With that RIG I would install Ubuntu 20.04 (or any good Linux based distro), and run 4 parallel plots for starters.
After that I would monitor the resources of the machine and see if I can squeeze a couple more.

Good luck and happy plotting!!

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Thankyou for inform… i want ask you a question about “what are the details of your hardware specs? and how are your settings for the plot?”

What I mean setting is like 4 thread, RAM 4000, 2 plot parallel - staggered 1 hours

Thankyou for your answer…

Hi @mininglearning
Try with 4 plots with 4 threads and 4600MiB not staggered.
I would say your rig is able to handle it. My rig is way slower with half memory and can handle 3.

Like I said, every rig is different so you will have to fine tune it as you go.

Once you have a good balance, you can do then start staggering which also depends on different factors. For me it’s around 2h, but for your rig might be less.


i would like some help as well,
I’m on Windows 10 with an Asus tuf x570
Ryzen 3900x
48gb of ddr4 3200 ram 2x8 gskill ripjaws 3200 and 1 32gb patriot viper gaming
And last but not least 2 nvme m2
1x Corsair mp510 920gb and
1x crucial p5 2tb both gen3 I think
I am trying out to plot 10 parallel
3x on the Corsair and
7x on Crucial with a stagger of 30 mins and settings 2 threads 4000 ram but it takes close to 18-20 hours to finish the 1st plot.
Am I missing something?
I’m plotting on GUI cause I’m a clueless noob about PowerShell and cli.
Any advice ?