Plotting gets slower with rising difficulty?


Sorry to ask, but I noticed my plotting PC is producing less plots every day since the difficulty is rising. From once 40 Plots a day down to 20 Plots a day.

Does the difficulty have an effect on the plotting speed? Some people said no, so I am not sure.
Is the bottleneck the NVMes or is there more stress on the single thread CPU process with rising difficulty?



Difficulty has nothing to do with plotting. Something must have changed in your plotting setup or where the plots are being stored in their final destination. That is quite the drop in plots per day. Mine has been staying steady at about 36 plots/day.

Trimming video, might be helpful for the slowdown.

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No, not in the least. The usual suspect of a slowdown in plotting speed if nothing else changed is your temp ssd’s needing a TRIM.


Thank you very much!

He’s right. The “drive” needs time to TRIM which you’re not doing and gets done naturally by using it normally. Chia is not normal lol

You could also limit this effect by 1 less plot per session, thus giving it more free space to do garbage collection.

You could If you’re on Windows 10 run the Defragment Optimize in Admin tools.

I just added the TRIM (defrag.exe) to run on an hourly basis through the task manager. Seems to work fine.

Every hour? a little overkill? :slight_smile:

Well, it does 0 harm AFAIK