Plotting in memory?

Hi, I’ve just created my first couple of plots and have been looking at plotting rigs. The main thing that I don’t understand is why people aren’t plotting in system memory instead of burning through expensive SSDs.

As soon as my budget for the plotting rig exceeds $2k-$3k, wouldn’t I just want to get a cheap server board + CPU and put 6x 64GB RAM into it, and plot im memory? I’d use a ram-drive like driver, that allows me to address the memory as a drive/volume.

Total plots per day when plotting in memory will be limited by the single-thread performance on your CPU. Ram disk plotting will be faster than plotting on an SSD, but since you can do multiple plots on a single SSD, SSDs are a lot cheaper than 384 GB of memory, and every CPU now-a-days is multi-core, it ends up being cheaper to plot many plots in parallel per system than create one plot really quickly per system.

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Can confirm. Wasted a a bit of time and $$ doing 1TB memory plots. Its really a cpu bound problem.

Can also confirm. Cranked out 15 plots per day on parallel RAM disks overclocking the hell out of my CPU, 19 per day once I got it fully optimized. Not worth it in the end. Maybe if I only needed to generate a few plots for a disk that had failed, or something like that I would do it again.

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Yes, that makes sense.