Plotting is at 100%, filename is .tmp, is it ok?

PLotting statu say 100% and in the file log I have:
Time for phase 4 = 1812.437 seconds. CPU (76.980%) Sat May 8 22:07:20 2021
Approximate working space used (without final file): 269.508 GiB
Final File size: 101.444 GiB

In the folder of final plot There is a file with extension .tmp
there is something wrong?
How can I am be sure It has finished?

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If the filename is *.tmp or *.2.tmp (or similar, I forget the specifics) then the plotter is in the process of moving the completed plot to its final destination.

Once it is moved to the final destination it should get renamed back to .plot.

So I definitely would not touch a file named *.tmp, it is in the process of being moved to the final destination directory / folder. It is technically complete though, so if it stays that way for a loooong time… is your destination drive very slow? Maybe the copy to the destination drive folder is taking a long time?

Now the extension of the file is .plot and in the Local Harvester Plots it say syncing.
I attach a screenshot.
Do you think that can I turn off the pc?
And tomorrow to make an other plot I have to add a new plot?

Thank you

Looks like it finished copying so that’s good and as expected.

How can the computer farm if it is off?

I know but I have still to fix something and I will move the plot on other computer for farming.
The important is for now that If I turn off I don’t lost my plot.
I read that the plot keeps mine, correct?

thank you

The plot file is not lost, it’s a file on your computer like any other file. Unless you intentionally delete or move the file, it will remain as it is, where it is.

However, to earn Chia you must be running the farmer on your plot files.

you sayd " to earn Chia you must be running the farmer on your plot files."
Just to be sure , I can move this my first plot and the others on a second machine and perform there the farmer waiting “the lottery” :slight_smile:
it is correct?