Plotting is Freezing after change

I’m all of the sudden having issues. wondering if anyone might know what I did wrong or how to resolve the issue.

I am using the windows GUI. Plotting has been fine I have about 257 plots at this point on 2 6TB drives and 1 16TB drive all internal Hard drives. The original 16TB drive was in swapable drive. I took that up and hooked it up via a USB with a Sata converter and external power and put a 16TB drive in.
Formated the new drive as H. And got everything started again. It all seemed to look good.

Chia was farming still said my existing 257 plots etc. I started plotting last night but woke up to a notice that my system was off the pool. Looked at my machine and it still said 257 and looked like it was frozen on one of the plots. So I tried shutting down the Chia GUI. It would not shut down or took a really long time to shut down so I rebooted the computer.

when I rebooted and fired Chia up again, it now said 259 plots so 2 showed up even though the GUI said none were done. I have tried again got sort of the same thing it gets to 98% on a plot and then is frozen and again I am off the pool. I can not get Chia to shut down unless I end task in task manager or reboot the computer.

Did I screw something up by changing to a USB-Sata drive? Any ideas/
Also on the pool it seems like it might not be seeing all my drives but it’s hard to tell as it usually goes up with time but I’ve been off line.

Love any ideas or things I should look at or try.
Thanks in advance

Just to add this time the Chia GUI did finally shut down but it took a long time. 5-10 Min.

I would just backup DB and reinstall…maybe even reinstall OS if still not working.

Also you could try plotting with command line instead of GUI

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I’ve disconnected the drive that was using the usb to sata converter and so far it’s not freezing up or going offline.


maybe its just that converter then :smiley:

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