Plotting looks slower with ryzen 7 3750h due to USB issues

One pc with i5-3470T 8gb ram plotting on nvme m2 via usb 3.0 it needs 12 hours for one plot.
Today I am testing my laptop with ryzen 7 3750h 16gb ram plotting on same nvme via usb 3.1 and it looks slower than the first.
What could be the problem?
It is still syncing could be that?

Finally I stopped it almost 8 hours for 11 %…soo strange

Infact it was a problem with usb, I don’t know why it was writing at 30MB instead of 200 :frowning:

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Sometimes the USB protocols can get messed up, I’ve seen this happen from time to time. if you are at USB 2.0 speeds DEFINITELY unplug and re-plug. Because USB 2.0 is sloooow.

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30 MB sounds like USB 2.0. I have a couple of old USB 2 external drives and tried a few plots just to see how slow it was. It was like 19 hours to plot a single plot to a USB-2 drive.

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Infact I solved in that way

Finally the plot finished after more 14 hours.
It looks strange what could be the problem?

today I just did an other test with this laptop.
I did the plot using the internal ssd nvme, the link below, it is still slow, it started at 7:30 and at 12:35 it still was at 26%.
I know that nvme it is not the best but I think the plotting is too much slow
I dont understand what wrong with this laptop