Plotting multiple external discs with Madmax

I have two different machines for farming and plotting.
For plotting i am using Madmax.
Got 20 pcs external discs and would like to plot them all, but to fill them in sequesnce, so when full, to move them to my other mashine to start farming.

How can i do that in Madmax settings?
it is written the follwing:
-d, --finaldir arg Final directory (default = )

Is it enough just to count them all Like: …-d /media/user/dir1/ /media/user/dir2/ /media/user/dir3/…
Could you just show me a sample?

Thanks a lot,

I dont use Linux at this time but what you have looks good.

I would run them each as a single job. Plot to the first, once it finishes, start the second one.