Plotting on Azure

You can get an Azure VM - LsV2 Lsv2-series - Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Docs for $15 a day which has a 1.9TB NVMe. Has anyone seen how many plots per day you can get from this? I might give it a try some time.

What’s the cost for storing/downloading the plots?

There’s discussion in this threat about using AWS/Azure for plotting and when I last read it the consensus was too expensive:

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Not worth it:

Download: Pricing - Bandwidth | Microsoft Azure
Storage: Azure Storage Blobs Pricing | Microsoft Azure (and no, archive tier won’t work)

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Ok the bandwidth is pretty significant - $8 per plot if it leave’s the azure network.
Storage is like $1 a day.

I did set it up on Ubuntu 18 - L8sV2. I ran 4 plotters in parallel, each plot taking 10.5 hours or so. Not sure exactly the most efficient it can handle in parallel, but thought I’d try 4.

So total cost for my 4 plots is $40, coming to $10 each. Not great considering the pricing of some plotting services. If you get some free azure credits from work / personal projects then it could be nice to use them up.


DONT use your work or personal accounts for plotting, it’s strictly against their TOS and don’t ask me how I found out :cold_face:, loosing my enterprise subscription for this year…


thanks for the tip. I was curious about that too.