Plotting on Sabrant NVme very slow (30hr for one plot)


I have read around this forum and elsewhere that plotting one or 2 parralel plot required in average 10-12h .
which surprise me a lot, as i’m plotting one or two in parallels in 24h not even one hour less.

My setup is quite new :
SSD Nvme Sabrant connected with USB Asus Arion (tried another nvme case before upgrading nothing helps)
24Tb Wd Duo for farming (not using it yet)
Asus G750 with 16Gb in Ram and CPU I7 4700HQ 3.6ghz

i’m using Chia Gui on windows and tried everything i could, cant get these insane plotting performance i saw in this forum (4-5 hours per plot)

My CPU and my RAM aren’t overloaded and always running at 30-50%

can anyone help me sort this issue please ?

thanks a lot

Are you using USB 3.0?

yes connected via USB 3.0 and changed my NVMe case from a basic one to Asus Arion but nothing changed. do you know how many hours i usually need to create one plot with this setup ?

if this can help understanding

refer to this, mostly USB is really slow so you wont hit any where near 4-5 hour plots.

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you mean i can create a plot on 4-5 hours ? or 30h is normal for my setup ?

Yeah no possible way you hit 4-5 hours. Theoretically your USB transfer speed will be slower than SATA3 SSD as that’s 6.0Gb/s. your only probably at 3.2 Gb/s with that USB adaptor. Even with the best NVMe money could buy, your limited by that USB port 100%. may as well be using HDD over USB time would be the same.

The guys doing 4-5 hours do it via a dedicated m.2 slot on the mother board, so they get the full speed of the NVMe.

Hope that clears it up for you.

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Ok thanks a lot, thats very clear.

there any way i can get a m2 connector my laptop cant have it tho, i have also a Raspberry pi 4 avalaible

to resume, i’m open to any way to accelerate my plotting process others than buying plots if i have the choice

Im not sure how optimised you can make your laptop. Do some digging through this forum there is many posts on the ideal plotting rigs. maybe it can give you some good ideas.

ok thanks i will,

I will buy a PCI Express nvme slot and add it to my gaming pc then but i have only PCI 3.0 not 4.0 will this be impacting a lot my plotting time ?

Nope, maybe 5hrs vs 6hrs at most.

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thanks a lot, so this will be my solution then to solve this plotting issue.

Thanks a lot guys, very helpfull

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@rovyo , from my personal experience using nvme enclosure via USB is a no go when running in Windows. It starts off well, but when it heats up (which can get quite hot) it starts to throttle to similar performance to what you see, and in worst cases, Windows simply disconnects the drive (which has happened to me multiple times copying a 200+gb VM file) and you will have to restart the plotting again.

As you have already discovered, get yourself a PCIe nvme adapter and plug it in there instead, it would be so much quicker than what you are experiencing.

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Well after looking all over solution i’ve got :

1-Installing the Sabrant 1tb 2280 on PCI 3.0 slot on gaming PC to generate plots (16gb ram and I7 4790k)
i will not farm using my gaming pc, i will transfer all plots to WD Duo 24tb HDD connected to a Raspberry Pi 4 8gb ram

2-Buying Laptop thinkpad X260 , installing sabrant 1tb 2242 internaly to generate plot (8gb ram and i3-6100u )
i will farm directly on this laptop by connecting the WD Duo 24tb HDD to it

which for you seems the better idea to invest on it ?

Option 1 would be least expensive, but bear in mind that it would tie your gaming pc for around 8hrs for a typical plot, so if you have any IO or CPU intensive games that you want to play while plotting, then this is not the option for you.

Option 2 may be the better option, although I can’t tell (done a bit of Google) if that laptop has a nvme AND a 2.5 SATA bay. The reason I’m asking is because it is not recommended to put the OS and the temp plot files on the same medium, as it will “burn out” the nvme quite quickly and last thing you want is the OS to go with it. If there is a 2.5 bay as well, then I would say get a small cheap 2.5 SSD and install the OS on it, use the nvme for your temp plot files, and simply connect your WD Duo to the USB for the finished plots for farming, that would be your easiest solution. One thing to bear in mind is if you’re intending to plot heavily, you will burn through the nvme quite quickly, so you will need to open up the laptop to swap it out, probably not a big problem.

thanks mate, yes i already checked the laptop can take both ssd and nvme 2242 so i wil use os on ssd and plotting on the m2 drive, the laptop is costing me same price as the rasberry pi 4 so basicaly same cost between two solution.

only question that remain is that difference between the CPU and RAM between both solution will really impact my plotting speed ? or barely not ? could be game changer for my decision

Solution 1 I7 4790K with 16gb
Solution 2 I3-6100u with 8gb

also, how many plot can i create / average speed ?

thanks again

I’m not sure I have the answer to that, others might be able to help, but a typical plot takes around 4gb and from what I read, having 4 cores (not sure if that includes hyperthreading) is ideal for a good performant plot. I think a key note to get the best to plot performance is to stagger the plotting; plot subsequent ones at maybe 2 hours interval, as there are a number of phases it needs to go through for plotting, some are more intensive on CPU, RAM or disk depending on the phases, so you don’t want to hog all your resources at once with multiple plots kicking off at the same time.

This provides some Plotting Basics

For your 1Tb nvme, you should be able to create 3 plots (to be safe) but stagger these, e.g.

Plot 1 (4gb memory, 4 cores, name: P1-Q1)
Plot 2 (4gb memory, 4 cores, name: P2-Q2) kick this off after 2 hours after the 1st
Plot 3 (4gb memory, 4 cores, name: P2-Q3) kick this off after 2 hours after the 2nd

Note, the 2 hours is just an ad-hoc number that you want to play with it and adjust accordingly.

I’m not an expert plotter, but hopefully give you a starting point.

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Just to add, the laptop should be able to go up to 16gb by swapping out the SODIMM RAM, should be quite cheap. You will probably be able to get around 2-3 plots per day (my guess :smiley: )

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thanks a lot mate, for the 2 hours hint (sounds logic)

Yeah probably will go for a laptop with I5 4 cpu even if cost a bit more, and then pray that plotting 3 during 12h-18hr is enough hahah otherwise it will take ages to fil the 24Tb.

really thankfull for your precisous informations

No problem mate and Good luck!! You’re probably 1 of the jammy ones and win a XCH with a few plots :joy:. I’m on 125 plot and won nothing so far :frowning:

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