Plotting on small SAS drives?

Hello all!

I have four old spare SUN SunFire servers that were used mostly for storage purposes. Each of those holds 8x SAS drives with capacity of 73GB each. Not much for one, but combined gives pretty good speeds. Of course running all four of those just to have combined storage is huge waste of electrical power. The good news is that in just one of those there is enough expansion slots that all the 32 SAS drives could be running under just one system.

Is it worth the hassle to sell it?


Probably…, 8x 73 GB are about 550 GB, which should be sufficient for a single plot.
I’m plotting on 8x 2.5" 10K 600GB SAS drives in a raid 0 and it gives me about 45 minutes for a single plot.

I also have same 8x 2.5" 10K 600GB SAS drives,ready to setup in Linux as raid 0, will also do a testing for setup as temp and 110G ramdisk for temp 2 to compare with my full 256G ramdisk time(28 minutes)to see what is difference ,just for fun…as plotting is completed already now.