Plotting on two machines

Hello all

I’ve started up a second Ubuntu server for plotting and typed chia keys generate but this obv gives me a second key.

I then ran ‘chia keys add’ on the second machine and used the mnemonic from the first plotter.

chia keys show on the second plotter then shows two addresses.

How do i plot on two machines to a single key? The storage drives will end up on a third machine as my farmer - i think.



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it’s not needed add the private keys nor sync full node on both machines.

read the CLI page on github, plot section: CLI Commands Reference · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

in a nutshell:
use -f and -p to add farmer public key and pool public key

you should create plots like this:

chia plots create -f [FARMER PK] -p [POOL PK] -k 32 -b 3400 -r 2 -u 128 -t /path/to/temporary/directory -d /path/to/final/directory

you can also farm on both machines: Farming on many machines · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub


Let me ask a different version of the question, does the mnemonic contain everything one would need to recreate all the keys needed to resume if the original machine were ones keys were created died? Would one still have access to their plots and wallet? Hearing that the mnemonic doesn’t recreate all keys is a little disturbing without a clear, in bold, disclaimer explaining that some keys are not needed for continuity of operation.

Where did you hear that?
I think it does, maybe I’m wrong…

The first entry in this thread says it only created two keys. I’ve also seen this mentioned in another thread that not all keys were created. This may be ok, maybe they aren’t all needed, but this is why I’m asking the question.

@wobblewoo When you ran chia keys show did you specify the “–show-mnemonic-seed” option?

hmm, I haven’t interpreted this way first entry, maybe @wobblewoo should clarify that.

I certainly could have misunderstood his question. I thought he was asking why he didn’t see the full set of keys.

Well, whatever it was the OP was asking…
Regarding to your question, you can easily check it by yourself by creating a new address to do the tests… but I’m pretty sure it does. When I started with chia in march I was using a different machine, later on I bought a NUC and move everything to only using the mnemonic.

Hello all. Sorry for the confusion.

I’ve deleted the new key on the second machine using chia keys delete -f xxxxxxxxx

When i use chia keys show --show-mnemonic-seed or both machines all of this info now matches:

Master public key
Farmer public key
Pool public key
First wallet address:
Master private key
First wallet secret key
Mnemonic seed (24 secret words)
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Can anyone help me on a similar matter ?
Right now i have 1 PC full node (harverster-farmer-full node- wallet) and i had two other machines that were just plotting. the machines were not synced. the machines were just plotting. after every plot was finished i moved it to my full node and i harvested from there. i used the parameters -f & -p used the appropriate keys and everything worked fine.

Right now with the release of the 1.2.0 how can i continue to do this ? I read on the chia guide

Remote harvesters work the same way as always. They do not need to have any keys, and you can plot directly on another machine with the -f and -c arguments. The farmer machine needs to have the private key for the -f key, and the private key for the wallet that created the plot NFT

Can i use the same parameters as before ? i have the -f parameter which one is the -c parameter ? Also does my two plotting machines have to be connected to my wallet and synced? (with my 24 word key) ?

Also in the chia guide i read

If you are using the same key (24 words) on more than one computer, you should update both computers to 1.2+ before creating your plot NFT. If you have already created the plot NFT and the second computer is running a version older than 1.2, it will not be able to see the plot NFT. This can be fixed by shutting down the application on the second computer, and deleting the ~/.chia/wallet/db folder and all files inside of it.

this is not the case because i didnt use and i do not plan to use the two ploting machines for farming. i just use them for plotting ?

And finally

if i have to enter the 24 word key and sync all the wallets and all the nodes with all 3 machines is there any way to transfer the database from machine to another so that i could save some time ?
Also right now the router is redirecting all the traffic on 8555 port (if i remember correctly the number of the port) on a single machine. If i have 3 different machine that is on the same network and have every machine to sync how should i do that /

I am using all three machines with ubuntu server 20.04.02 with just cli commands

thanks in advance for everyone even reading my post.

I have the same question.
Guide is not updated to include CLI version 1.2.0.

What parameters should I add to create NFT plot for somebody else?

In GUI you have 3 options:
Farmer Public Key
Pool Public Key
Pool contract address

Do I use all 3, only 2 of them (which ones) or only Pool contract address?

Copy the CA files from your main machine (/mainnet/config/ssl/ca) to a USB disk. Then copy the CA folder to the 2nd machine.

Then after installing Chia activate it (. ./activate) then do:

chia init -c /home/yourubuntunameorfolder/ca

That will initialize Chia with the same keys as main machine for plotting.

If you use NFT then use the contract address instead of pool address (no more -p option, instead use -c)

If you just want to use that machine as a plotter, no need to install Chia… just install Madmax plotter and get from your main machine (chia keys show) the farmer key (for -f arg) and the NFT contract address (for the -c arg).

If you’re plotting for OG (original plot), then you need the pool key (for the -p arg) instead of the NFT contract address.

So if I use 2nd machine only for plotting, no chia installed, jus madmax and I create plots with proper -f and -c parameters, then shall I physically move the ready plots to another harvester machine?
But if I install chia on this " only plotter " with the same mnemonics, what then? Will it be harvesting, as a another farmer+harvester? Is it possible to have 2 separate full nodes on the same keys?