Plotting Optimization on GPU Miner

I have a Biostart B250 board with an i7-7700t (4 cpu/8 threads).

If i use madmax, what is the right mix of nvme and ram (max 32gb) that I can use,
in view that 2 cores/ 2 threads would probably be required for the GPU mining.


  • is there any value to go from 16gb to 32 gb?
  • if I have 2x 1TB nvme, what would be the max plots?

In other words, given the CPU base & reserved purpose, what is the best mix of ram and nvme to get the max plots?

With that amount of ram I’d think your best just letting your ram be ram.
So you’d want to use nvme as temp 1 or temp 1 & 2.

If your using madmax that tends to hog all cpu resources, so you’ll need to set your cpu affinity so it doesn’t affect your gpu mining.

No value going to 32g ram in my opinion dependant on how much your gpu mining is using that ram , so would need that info to be sure.

If you use 2 cores 4 threads for the gpu mining that leaves 2 cores and 4 threads.

If 2 nvme would work better than 1 is system specific so again hard to say.

I wouldn’t imagine you’d get 15 plots a day and I think I’m being generous there, could be alot less, like under 10.

I don’t know how many GPU you have connected for mining.
I have a single card mining on my rig and it was not affected at all from plotting full blast with Madmax, CPU usage around 90%

For Ram agree with above, just leave it as ram