Plotting ram and thread allocation a little guidance

I am looking for a little guidance and clarification on these 2 points if anyone can point me or adjust my interpretation
Ryzen 9
2x 2tb nvme.2
32gb ram

1 - Number of Threads - I see that people say you don’t need more then 4 or 6 threads otherwise its wasted. SO when I choose this value do I choose across the entire parallel plot number or against 1. Example if I am running 7 parallel plots (I have a ryzen 9 16/32) for the 7 plots would I choose a value of 14 OR just put 4 and the application will allocate 4 for each plot?

2 - My potential threshold fir parallel plots is capped by 32GB of RAM
Reading around my cap should be 7 parallel plots. BUT I was wondering if I stagger my parallel plots by 90min it is very likely that plot 6 and 7 will commence after plot 1 and 2 have already finished. So wont that release resources for me to use and are just sitting wasted. So potentially with a long enough timeout I could plot 9 or 10 in parallel.

Thank you

  1. The thread count is how many are allocated to each plot job. If you specify 4 threads in the options and run 7 plots parallel (in phase 1,) you’d be theoretically using 28 threads.
  2. I have one machine running 8 plots w/ 4 threads each in parallel that has 32gb ram. I stagger 10 min and haven’t had any issues. Never tried more than 8, though.

thanks BigZeus
I just tried 4 plots on nvme.2 primary stagger 40min and 3 plots on nvme.2 secondary stagger 50min
total time for the 7 plots was 8 hours