Plotting Rigs Questions

Hello friends!
after a good friend told me that he invested about 10k€ in two chia plotting/farming setups 3 months ago.
he uses a threadripper pro (3955) with ASUS PRO WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI. he uses 256gbDDR4 with 4/8 ssds as temp drives.
he says he’ll be over ROI soon.

then I started educating myself.
I still have doubts about the amount of his earnings.

would you say that chia plotting/farming is really still that profitable? to invest in new rigs now?

I would also invest 5-10k € in a rig, if it’s worth it.
first, i thought i copy his setup, with a few changes.

But I think that the setup of my known is still in need of improvement.

i read about cpu, ssd and gpu plotting.

can someone give me setup suggestions, for fastest/highest ROI?

i believe gpu plotting with enough ddr, to use it as tmpfs would be the preferred option, as i understand it. this way i wont have to replace the temp ssds every x TBW. so its damn fast. am i right ?

could you give me examples of your rigs ?
how much TiB do you plot daily?
how much TB you have of plots?
which technique do u use?
how much do you earn?
do u use seperate plotting & farming rigs or both in one machine ?

Ty for your time & knowledge

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Your friend would need 2 PiBs of storage to pull $1,000 a month (just to toss some numbers out)… That’s closer to $30,000 in gear (+/-), and would ROI in 3 years or so. It’s easy to catch the gambling bug, it’s like knowing you’re hot at the blackjack table. Temper expectations or you will be sitting on piles of computer stuff and a slow trickle of coins.

Welcome to the crew in any case - it’s a blast, and I recommend getting a rig together.

For the money you listed, an old workstation with the RAM required, a $400 GPU, and a pile of drives - you’ll be good to go. Plot it out then farm it; if power costs are too high just buy another $300 used PC and move the gear over for the farming part.

I’m a minnow, 15 TiBs of storage (about $7 in beer money a month) on a low wattage board to keep power costs low. There are a few hobbyists left here.

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With this plotter setup, it is on the cpu plotting route. The time for this has been over for 3 months and it is more efficient to plot with gpu especially with an investment of 10K but that is just my personal opinion.

And for a 10K investment I also find the plotter with:

is over the top in my opinion.

but i am sure about this, if he started 3 Month ago:


It is now possible to use cheap plotters with GPU and invest the saved capital in additional HDDs.
Currently only Gigahorse is useful but in 1-2 months there will be an “official” GPU plotter and farmer from chia, I would definitely wait for that if you do not want to use Gigahorse. CPU plotter does not really make more often sense with an investment of 10K.

Your friend has not necessarily made the most effective decisions.

If you don’t enjoy IT, it’s better to buy chia directly instead of farming, because the ROI will take many years if you start now.

with 2PiB u can earn actualy 900$ -1000$ a month less electricity costs

have a nice day

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Yeah, only if he has an unlimited supply of free 18tb hdd’s :rofl:

In any case, for OP’s question, now that GPU plotting is here, the time of expensive plotting hardware is basically over.

My system cost me 530 euro and can make a plot in less than 5 minutes.
1070ti+256gb ddr3

In the 1000$ range or less you can make plots in 2-3 minutes.

But the real point is about farming Chia. You need cheap storage and low energy use, that is much more important than plotting speed.


It would be magic if it was so easy to ROI. In best case 1pb like 80 x 14tb will cost you 8000$ if you find used drives . Add at least 1000$ for the jbod and the farmer. For plotting you should add another 1000$ if you choose a provider that charges 0.1$ for each plot. All this should result in around 12-14 xch earnings monthly with current netspace which already looks to be increasing . Also you should notice that after about a year halving should happen which will result in half the earnings in xch. From 12-14 to 6-7 . So 1 year ROI is just dreaming or hoping that xch price will boost . If you think xch price will rise it for sure would be better to buy and hodl .

Final thoughts:Farming chia unfortunately is a game for big players who can make super deals buying storage from data centers upgrading their equipment in 1000+ quantities with a price around 4-6$ /tb or even less . For us humans it is more like a hobby if we get excited with technology and like spending hours connecting cables hbas PSUs etc and want something giving us hope of maybe one day magic can happen…


Can’t talk about ROI or whether it’s worth it. I can tell you of my Lenovo P620 Threadripper Pro 3955WX. I’ve had it over a year, nearly two. It’s a plotter only, and although it is also setup to farm in a pinch, it uses too much power to farm 7/24. I use another 65W CPU system for that with a RTX3060Ti. Had a chance to try many variations in it plotting different ways with various components in it over that time. Back in the day, it plotted perhaps 700TB Chia plots, but very, very slowly and nowhere near as fast as it can punch them out today with MadMax’s GigaPlotter. I’ve finished replotting to compressed plots to the tune of 1PB.

SETUP: GPU plotting only now with RTX3070Ti, 256GB, and x2 or x3 980 Pros in RAID as -t as temp to dump plots to before disposing of them out on multiple HDs.

OUTPUT: (785 plots * 75.2GB/plot = 59TB plots) K32 C7 plots/day are theoretically possible at ~110 sec/K32 - you will need maybe 6-8 drives to fill simultaneously to keep up with plotting. C8 and above is easier/faster; C6 and below are slower, but not by much.

It’s definitely a beast, you’ll likely never need more than it can provide. Workstation/server systems have it all over consumer PC because of flexibility, but esp. with greater than 128GB memory possible, and more Gen 4 PCI-E x16 slots, better cooling, better components.

However the major cost moving forward is HDs, because you go through them like melting ice on a hot sidewalk. IOW you’ll be able to fill the equivalent of 3.2x18TB HDs per day going full bore; if you want a PB that around 56x 18TB. You can do the math from your local HD prices. Good luck!


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check this out:

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