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hi guys, I have a plot power of 200 plots per day, but unfortunately I have run out of storage, if you want we can agree and I will create the plots for you, and then send them to you!
And i will create a plot with your pubblic key! (Safe)

If you want you can ship the drive direct to me and i will create a plot on this hard disk.

Contact me on Telegram @dreddedr

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What do you charge per plot? Also, can I download via internet or snail-mail?

What i have to do?
What is the problem?

Hello, all way is good, if you want can you Send directly to me and i will write plots on this!

What do you charge per plot?
Can I download the completed plot(s) instead of sending you a drive?
Can I pay via BTC?

Contact me on Telegram

Note that you must be trust level 1 to send PMs. If you only come here and post 1 topic and never read anything, you won’t get promoted to TL1 … participation is required :wink:

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Ok, i will partecipate!

Now im level 1!!!

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Top, fast service. i’m download first plots and it’s good.

literally your only post here. I mean this must be a real review!:man_shrugging: :laughing:

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yes one here, but active on keybase and try to help on project code with one pull request. I writed only one because I was looking for a service like this and I immediately found it with Greloder

Dodgy… if you exists, post your rig with a shoe on it! /s

What was your contribution to the project? this is one of mine, demonstrable why on the net
Chia-Network/chia-blockchain (

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Thanks for your feedback!

/s at the end means that someone is using a sarcasm.
I meant that the forum is new and it is normal that people don’t have many posts. I wrote about the shoe to show that this is a nonsense.

Just be careful. We’re starting to see some scammers on the plotting front so everyone should be extra cautious, look for legit reviews, and proof of service. That’s all. This is for everyone’s safety!


yes i know but this is not the case!

Bought some plots, fast delivery and they seem to be working.

Would you name some of these scammers?