Plotting settings for i7 10700F 8 cores 64gb ram 2 x 2Tb ssd with 128Tb storage?

Hi, what is the setup for i7 10700F 8 cores 16 threads 64gb ram 2 x 2TB m.2 nvme ssd with additonal 512ssb (Os) for 128TB 8 sepearate external hdd each at 16TB each) please advise. Do i need to tweak anything? Or just by default let it run. Any recommended settings?

Best way would be to start somewhere and then monitor your system resources and adjust as you see fit.

ROUGH ESTIMATE: from those details you listed, I think you can run 6-8 in parallel, with some delay to start each additional process (for example, start one create plots, wait 15 mins, start the 2nd, wait 15 mins start 3rd etc.).

Things to monitor when you start: CPU usage, Memory usage and the temp dirs (assuming its the 2 m2nvme) how full they get etc.

Good luck

Ok, hi baylicious, so how shld i set it. 4 threads? With 6 plotts (a1) Wait another 15 mins (a2) wait another 15 mins (a3)

Regarding my 2x2tb nvme. Shld i combine with raid 0 or just leave it as it is. Means i have to set temp ssd 1 n temp ssd 2 for different plots ?

I would also like to know if it’s better to raid-0 two drives into 1 and double the plots.

But the thing with me is that I only have 2 drives. Is there any way to send the final storage plot to a separate machine entirely over the internet? I heard plotman can do this by “archiving” it via rsync but does it need to write the original anywhere else?

Currently running on 2tb m.2 nvme as my other one have issue connecting. 8 cores 64gb ram 128tb.

However i really need guidance on the plot settings for no. Of threads, parallel setting plot of 8 plots straight Or parallel setting of 1x8 times with 15 mins in between for 1 plot. Amt of ram to key in. Currently i key in 6750. Could i set it to higher? Please advise. Also, the temp ssd, should i set ssd1 to 1st D-drive(16tb) hdd and ssd2 to 2nd E-drive(16tb) hdd. Or just use both ssd1 n ssd2 to plot to 1st D-drive Hdd

Or should i combine both ssd to form 1 4tb ssd. N combine all the 8 (16tb) to 1 unit. If so, any guidance or links? Please advise

Sorry I won’t be able to help around the raid-0 setup - I am not using that and I don’t have experience with it. I’ll let others chime in and suggest.

@Vioskcoin I hope you started plotting since last time we talked - don’t try and make it perfect on day one :slight_smile: start plotting and then adjust as you see changes are needed. Some plots might fail but you will learn and adjust… just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Try running everything default, with staggering them 15 mins apart and see how your system handles them. Mark down the times for each plot and then adjust for the second run.

Few important things to plan is - if you go out of default for RAM - make sure the RAM x Plots doesn’t exceed your MAX RAM. Or the TempDirSpace x Plots doesn’t exceed the Max space available on temp dir.

@Drygord - AFAIK you cannot send it from the create plot command directly over the internet. Perhaps if you have that remote dir setup as a network drive, that might work, but better would be to move to a temp dir someplace and then use rsync or similar to move it over the internet. Haven’t used plotman so I cannot give more info there.

I have started. 8 plots on parrellel n another 8 with 15 mins in between… now its at 3% for the first 8 n 1-2% for the second 8. Is this normal or i am just doing it wrong.

Been a few hours… i cannot stop it now right.

How do i check whether it exceeds?

Open the System Monitor app on your machine and see how much the CPU and RAM are utilized.

The 3% and 1-2% is that after few hours? If yes, there is likely a problem someplace - check the system resources if you are overdoing it. In a “few hours” you should be in the 30-40%+

Ok will check when im home… it could be as im doing it for the temp drive with an external m.2 nvme enclosure (2tB ssd) n i set 8 plots straight with another 8 plots 15 mins apart as u advised.

is there something wrong with my settings? should I cancel all n replot or just stick it out for now?

I used to use the GUI, but now that I use CLI it’s way more useful and powerful. Take an hour to learn some basic PowerShell and look at the CLI commands (and examples…lots of examples here, in the Chia Github, Googling, etc).

Trust me, learn how to use the CLI. You have great hardware and you can maximize your use of it with the CLI.

Your CPU is 8-cores. That’s the bottleneck. You can do 8 in parallel with a ton of RAM to spare.

Here’s an example CLI command. You need to run this from inside the right folder.

So first, go to cd C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain\app-1.1.2\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon\ (I’m assuming you’re on Chia 1.1.2)

Then you can run CLI commands by starting the command with .\chia + parameters

So, to start the full node and everything else, you’d do .\chia start all then once the daemon starts you can run this command to start plotting:

.\chia plots create -k 32 -b 4000 -u 128 -n 6 -t [TEMP DRIVE LOCATON] -d [DESTINATION LOCATION]

This will plot a k=32 plot using 4000 gigs for ram and do it 6 times in a row (not in parallel). If you want to do parallel the easy way is to just open multiple terminals and run the same command…but definitely stagger them. I stagger for an hour.

Look through the Chia Github wiki to learn more (especially the CLI commands)


what should i do now? should i just delete all this? its already 11 hours I think it will take forever to plot

I would start simple with just a few plots to understand how it all works, before going hog wild with dozens of plots at once.


i have deleted the previous settings, roybot u mentioned I can do 8 in parallel at once. does this 8 have to break down and stagger like 2 plots x 4 over 15 mins gap or 1 hour gap. or I can just set it at 8 at 2 threads 6750 ram

hi coding, I just need a recommended setting to start. anyone with similar setup can advise? on threads ram | parallel ( how many plots at once)

I’m really new I just gathered some hardware upgrades n started today. first move was horrible for me I am a total noob

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could it be the SSD in enclosure keeps getting disconnected? thus its not even moving? The ssd is not appearing on my devices but all my hdd are

I stagger my plots an hour in between since the first stage of plotting is the most intensive.

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As in, do u parrellel pot 2 at a time? At default settings in terms of ram / threads? Or u do the command of 6 x 1 plot