Plotting speed = Internet Speed

I was asking myself if the plotting speed would be limited by the Internet Speed. Lets presume we have a 100mb/s Internet Speed. One Plot is around 100gb (k-32) big.
If the speed is limited by 100mb/s it wouldn’t theoretically matter which nvme M.2 SSD we use, would it? (TBW excluded)
The 3. Gen M.2 has an average speed of 2500mb/s and the 4. Gen M.2 around 7000mb/s. If we can’t even pass the 100mb/s internet speed - anything above that NVM M.2 speed wouldn’t matter?

is that assumption correct?

No, the internet speed does not matter, you can also plot offline. The files are created locally.

Also, don’t look to much at the nvme speeds advertised. These are just the maximum burst speeds. As soon as the cache fills, speeds drop.