Plotting stops at 31% Help please

Hello all.
I just started with Chia and for the first try I manage to finish one plotting. But after that I buy WD 6TB external SSD. As im using Chia plotting calculator, I use 4 treads and 7440gb RAM. But on this SSD plotting always stops at 31%. Please what im doing wrong?!? Thanks.


Does it stop forever or just an hour or so?

For me phase 1 ends at 30-31% and phase 2 is done entirely at 31% (2700-3600s). After that phase 3 goes from 31% to about 98%. Open plot log and check total times for each phase.


yeah that is the phase switchover from 1 to 2. how long do you wait?

I think it stops entirely. Have to open log file because it reaches 31% always night time and I cant check how long stays like this. Thanks for the answer.

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Will check log file later on and will let you know. Thanks for the help.

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Thanks for the reply guys. Yeah im a bit not enough patience :smiley:
after 2 hours plotting continue normally.