Plotting takes far more space than estimated

I have a 2TB NVMe drive, 400gb free. Doing one plot on it k=32 temporary space: 239. At less than 20% 300GB is already used up? It’s running out of space quickly. I’m not really sure what’s happening.

Hmm. I know @Blueoxx knows a lot about this, it shouldn’t be exceeding the maximum.

I don’t know much about how it’s supposed to behave. But it seems very strange to me that the temporary plots says that they take around 50gb at this moment when the new plot is at 2% and on top of that i’ve lost way more than 50gb of usable space on my drive. It’s down at 186GB free space when i started with 400.

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Temp space doesn’t grow linearly as plotting progresses. It grows quickly to mid-to-high 2XXGB range, and fluctuates a bit, and then falls off through phases 3 and 4.

So just keep an eye on, and don’t worry. :slight_smile:

But it uses far more than it should? I’m down 220GB. I planned my space for estimated temorary space usage but it just keeps eating up any new space i free.

I’m sorry, but I’m not following.

How many plots are you doing in parallel? How much free space did you start with? How much is left now?

Sorry for being unclear. I’m not running parallel. Add to queue. 1 plot count. K=32. I’ve been experimenting with the advanced settings but same results every time so trying just default now. Started with 400GB of free space. When i go into the temporary folder it says it’s using 72GB at this moment (at 4% now). But i am down to 157GB free.(Again started with a little less than 400 this time.). Did the same yesterday and it at up all of my space before it got to 20%. It just keeps eating it up for some reason? Something else it seems if i can trust the temporary folder is only 72GB like it says? But i’m not writing to this disk or doing anything else with it.

That is pretty … odd. If your OS is reporting that the temp folder is only @ 72GB, then it’s only at 72GB.

When you said it “ate up all” your space yesterday, did it actually fill up the disk and fail, or did you cancel it when it appeared to be running out of space? If the latter, maybe let it run until failure, and then use a disk space analysis tool of some kind to figure out where the space is going?

I’m 99% sure there’s something you’re missing here. Chia is pretty simple in its operation, so I really doubt chia is writing more than ~300GB max for a single k32 plot.

I cancelled it since i didn’t want to completely run out of space. I will try to let it run this time. But at his rate it’s out of space in less than 5 minutes. I’m down to 100GB now. I read something in another post about paging file ballooning up. I don’t know how that works but i’ve checked mine and it’s 11GB. Any analysis tool you would recommend? I will report back when it’s out of space.

Yeah, I’d say let it run until it fails. Check the temp directory size every so often to get a sense of how it changes. As far as a tool, assuming windows, something like WinDirStat will draw a nice picture for you.

It seems to take a little more time than i expected. But i’m down to 70GB free now. Plotting at 9%. Size on disk for temp dir = 121GB. I’m still losing disk space as expected but i downloaded WinDirStat. Just have to figure out how to operate it.

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If the files in your temp plotting directory don’t add up to the space you lost then you might need to look somewhere else?

Are you low on memory and is you disk being used for swap space maybe?

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I’m not using this disk for anything else and is completely stable when i’m not plotting.
As soon as i start plotting the disk space starts dropping to zero. It’s currently at 20GB left of free space so i’m just waiting for it to drop to zero and see what happens.

Yes, so just the plot temp files are using all that space, you’ve verified that?

They are not. That’s the thing. The temp plots are using up currently 145gb of the 400 i had to begin with. If i stop plotting now and delete 145gb and add the remaining 20gb i had i’ll be up at 400 again. That makes no sense to me. As if they take more space than is reported.

Yeah… something is up with your disk config. Absolutely no idea, good luck! :sweat_smile:

I managed to make an entire plot on a HDD with 1TB of space. But i did not keep an eye on it. But at least it finished. So something is up with the nvme for sure.

I did not disable bitfield, i’m positive. I use windows defender. The drive went completely out of space a few minutes ago. I got warnings in windows and on edge that i’m out of space. Just a few seconds ago 22gb was re-added to the drive somehow. Yet it’s been stuck at 14% progress for a good while now. I don’t really run any other software. Not sure what you mean by the Extend/deleted?

Edit: It’s at 15% now. Drive keeps going down again and will hit zero soon. But i take it it’s not supposed to act like this. I didn’t remove anything and i watched it just gain 22gb and yet the temp folder is still 154gb and hasn’t moved.

See what’s taking up space then with the software mentioned.

I have. Nothing is taking up the space. As i’ve mentioned before if i were to stop plotting and remove this temp folder right now i’d have 400gb of free space. Yet it only takes 154gb on the drive. I’m not sure where else to look. Nothing is or at least should be writing to the drive. And even if it is it seems to me that it has to do with chia. Since as soon as i stop chia and delete the folder i regain it all.