Plotting to UNC destination and starting the farming of that plot on destination

  • Main computer = plotter and farmer
  • 2nd computer = plotter
  • 3rd computer plotter

When I use the CLI on my main computer and the plot finishes it automatically starts farming.
How do I plot from my 2nd and 3rd computers to a UNC destination on my main computer and have the farming start immediately upon finishing?

Or should I be plotting to a local destination on my 2nd and 3rd computer and then using ROBOCOPY to copy each plot over the LAN to my main computer? If I do this then I manually have to open the GUI on my main computer and add the new plot directory, correct?

Any suggestions?


I use robocopy to do this. Just copy the file to a plot directory on the main pc and it should pick it up automatically.


Are you choosing the “Add Plot Directory” on your final farming PC BEFORE using Robocopy? I swear I’ve tried that and after copying the plot to the folder it didn’t start farming it right away. Even after clicking “Refresh Plots” it didn’t find and farm it so I had to delete that folder in Chia Blockchain and then re-add it for it to start farming. I’m on v1.1.1.

Right. It won’t pick it up in the second after it finishes copying. Might take a minute or two.

OK, I’ll try waiting a few minutes but do you have to “Add Plot Directory” on your final farming PC BEFORE using Robocopy?

Ah, sorry, that’s what I meant when I said “Right”. Yes you need to have the directory already added in the farmer.

I created the folder in advance in the GUI but after copying the plot over from my other PC it doesn’t ever show in the GUI unless I “Add Plot Directory” and remove that folder and re-add it.

Is there a CLI command to force the refresh of the folders? Ideally, I will just create the folder name on my main PC in CLI but is there a way to tell Chia that the folder exists and to start farming it?

I rename the files before copying, and rename back after… Because if the farmer sees the partial file it will get marked as invalid.

I bring a ssd down to my nas, rename the new files extensions to and start the copy, and then rename them back to .plot after they complete.

I used to do it this way, but I think this is no longer the case. In the logs, if there is a plot file that is less than 99GB it actually notes that the plot file is probably not done transferring. Since noticing that and introducing robocopy, I haven’t had any invalid plots 1 to 2 minutes after the copy completes.

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