Plotting using 3 HDDs on RAID 0

I’m plotting using 3 dusty 500GB HDD on RAID 0. When I run CrystalDiskMark Sequential Test, I could get ~400MB/s read and 300 to 350MB/s write. However, when I am plotting, at Phase 1, the highest write speed I could see is around 100 to 170MB/s. Any thoughts on this?

phase 1 is constantly switching between reads and writes. So yes, it is sequential but with frequent switching from one to the other (see trace below). With HD’s there’s always the impact of fragmentation, as well as the high latency due to the mechanical nature.

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I see. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

Can i ask, what program did you use to monitor individual processes in graph?

Sysinternals Process Explorer, highly recommended if you are interested in gaining insights into your processes (together with Sysinternals Process Monitor)