Plotting via VPS

It is feasible to rent a high end VPS for plotting then transfer the plots to my local hard drives right?

if so is there a guide?

The issue with that is normally that you have to pay for bandwidth to transfer the plots off the VPS. That cost is normally too high to make it a viable option.

i dont get charged for bandwidth

is there a guide or example to follow?

How are you not getting charged for exfiltration of data? That’s unheard of. What service?

I work in a datacenter for a major ISP i get privileges and deals end users are not privy too.

i also get hard drives for $2/TB.

im very very serious just debating whether i should spin up a VPS (or a few) or build a dedicated plotting machine.

The primary cost of cloud Chia farming is the exfiltration of data. If you can completely eliminate that, and you have access to HDs for $2/TB, then you should be able to make quite a bit of money.

thanks. So in reality i can plot using a bunch of VPS machines then move the plots to local drives.

im not really even using bandwidth. the VPS boxes are running on servers in my DC at my NOC I work at. I will likely just transfer over USB to local drives provided Boss man says its okay. if not ill have to transfer via internet. doesn’t matter either way but the former would be faster.

is there any guide or instructions on migrating plots? as I would like?

Migrating plots is a easy as just copying/moving them. Not sure what else you are looking for.

i read in another post that I lost track of that you have to temporarily rename them or something…

That is not really an issue. What happens is if the farmer is watching the folder you are copying into and it sees the .plot file as it is being copied, it will try to add it to the farm. Even if it isn’t done copying. That will throw an error in the GUI and the logs because the file will not be valid (because it is a partial file). But after the file is done copying, the farmer will look at it again and successfully add it to the farm. Not a big deal.

But, if you wanted to avoid the error, you would change the extension of the file from .plot to .tmp. Then copy the file. Then once the copy is done change it back to .plot. Then the farmer will see it and add it.


awesome thank you! thats was exactly what I needed to know

I don’t think this issue is a big one as you said, but a powershell script or the Linux equivalent could easily do this renaming dance for him.

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so i was just thinking. pools are activating in a few days no? and we cant move plots over to pools so we have to plot all over again…

its kinda pointless to plot right now right? i should just focus on tweaking and getting it ready for pools to activate ammi rite?

The protocol to be able to create pools was supposed to be released by the end of May. It wasn’t. There is no current date for the release of that protocol (that I know of). Once the protocol is released, then the pools need to create the pools on that protocol. Then once the pools are live, you will need to replot to have your plots in the pool. But when is that? Nobody knows.

ohhh okay i thought I read on a couple websites for pools june 15 so i guess i was just confused. ok then ill make plots until that happens