Plotts on multiple machines

Hello community,
i have question, i am plotting on 4 machines and have 4 fullnodes. Now the gui tells me on each node that the estimated time to win is one year because my storage capacity is splitted, do i have to wait for one year until i generate win on each machine? Im logged in to the same wallet on each device, does it generally count as one big wallet with maximum storage capacity? i dont want to run all machines for one year literally or do i have to connect all storage to one device in order to wait not one year?

I hope someone can help me :frowning:

Greetings Mike

I will follow you here, I got the same question! :slight_smile:

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What i do now after time of research its plotting the files with pool public key and farm pulic key, then i add my private key to the secound machine there shut host the “plots” i’m not finished for testing it, but i think this will be the way to stack multi-machine together :slight_smile:

Hope someone can confirm it! :slight_smile:

It is just a probability estimate based on statistics. If you have 4x that capacity then statistically you should get it 4x faster than the estimate on each computer. Now what I wonder more is if it is bad you have multiple computers farming the same plots or if it is actually good from the perspective of not missing say the 30 second window if a 2nd computer does it faster.

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Yeah, you should read it as

  1. one chance to win per year
  2. one chance to win per year
  3. one chance to win per year
  4. one chance to win per year


four chances to win per year.

okay sounds good, thank you. Then i can continue farming on 4 devices without waiting longer than farming on one large device =D
But maybe i will try to connect each plott directory over LAN

i was under the impression that we shouldn’t be running more than one full node on a network? am i missing something new?

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Are these 4 devices on separate networks or same network?

It’s not ideal to have multiple farmers on the same network, but you can do it. The trick is to do it in a way that doesn’t interfere with the other nodes, e.g. forward port 8444 to only one machine, turn upnp off in the other farmers, etcetera.

I don’t think there’s any problem with having multiple farmers on completely different networks.

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those are all on the same network

For same network, you just need 1 full stack, rest can be harvesters talking to the farmer on the main full stack. Each harvester can generate its own plots based on the keys from the main node and communicate to the farmer regarding those plots.
You also need to disable upnp on all except the main node.

By the way I am still wondering if it hurts to farm the same plots from multiple computers or it could help with say network delays if one computer fails to contact a NAS in time vs the other one?