Plz Help me I make a mistake on receving chia

plz help me I make a mistake while I received chia on my chia wallet on the desktop I suddenly click on the new address and my receive address was changed then when chia sent It doesn’t go to my wallet.
can I do anything?
please help me.

When you create a new address your old one is still valid and the pvt key is still in your wallet.

Put the address in a block explorer to check the balance on it.

If the coin is there you’ve not lost anything.

I put my receive and public address on and I see nothing but when I paste my old receive address that I don’t have it I see the balance ):

Look at your gui, there is a list of incoming transactions, is it listed there?

I also use 2 addresses to receive coins, its not an issue.

I don’t see any thing

This leaves me confused, you can have lots of addresses, I wouldn’t go over 20 though.

Anyone else any ideas.

It can take a little while before it shows in the GUI. But if xchscan shows it in your “old” address, it is fine.

But I don’t receive any chia in my wallet

Your not synced so your wallet isn’t showing the current amount.
(The top right hand corner showing not synced)
Wait until the entire block chain is downloaded and it’ll show up.
Normally this wouldn’t be an issue.
Not sure why your out of sync though.