Points as a pool distribution tool

Hi All,

just thinking about one thing: I have joined the pool, where the share in winning a block is based on points earned in a block mining period. Why for 2 same size farms (let’s say 10TiBs) one of them earns twice more points - and as a consequence - has 2 times higher share in prize distribution. Any ideas?

well that shouldn’t be of course.


  • using two full nodes on the same network
  • one of the farmers has network troubles or internal troubles causing slow lookup time

would also ask the support of the pool in questions

I will add, that actually expected share is correct for this one, that has lower number of points. So the problem is, that someone can double original expected results.

The points system is an estimate of farm size based on the number of successful shares. Sometimes it over reports and others it under reports. Successful challenges are all that matters for winning plots, so it’s a good enough compromise over more accurate farm size reporting from constantly testing all the plots a farmer is sharing. You can have several identical systems but the points earned will not be identical. It will average out close enough over time.

Isn’t that connected with plots passing the filter?