Points not updating

I’ve joined Space Pool and my farmer is successfully submitting partials, and the points in the pool dashboard are increasing. However, the output of chia plotnft show has been stuck for several hours now at the same point balance. My wallets and blockchain show fully synced.

Does anyone know where the chia client gets the point balance from? Does it communicate directly with the pool server, or is it from the blockchain? If the latter, should the pool, after validating the partials, update the balance in the blockchain? And how fast should we expect that to happen?


Points are tied to proofs found by your plot. You should have an average of 10 points daily for each K32 plots.

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Space pool seems to be down, switched to self pooling for the moment while they fix their issues

What makes you think space pool is down?

All pools are having issues with points resetting.

chiapool stated “It’s an actual problem according to chia team as rewards are calculated by current point balance. They aren’t going to fix it yet so we will do it for them”. Apparently it has just been fixed but I wait

That’s because the reference implementation distributes any amount of chia that falls in the pool address, so you can send a dust amount and it will distribute and reset points, instead of waiting for an actual block to be farmed (a malicious attacker can keep such pools resetting points indefinitely)

We do not have that problem at 21Chia, since we verify pool rewards properly. We have tested thoroughly on testnet and we’re good. You’re welcome to join our pool at https://21chia.com


So if somebody sending 1 mojo to Space Pool address every minute keeps resetting all pool member points back to zero every minute?

thats the way it sounds

That’s what could happen with the reference pool and it seems like it’s what’s happening to them. They could fix this specifically pretty quickly but a proper fix will take them more time. It is an indication they haven’t improved much or anything on top of the reference pool. It has taken us and other pools weeks of work to implement stuff and fix issues like this one. All the payments code in the reference pool needs to be revamped completely (imho) for a production pool, for instance.

Space Pool is not using the reference pool code, and we do not have that issue.

Moreover we use PPLNS to credit users NOT PPS (so points is purely aesthetic for the GUI purposes)

To set the record straight, Space Pool is not using the reference pool code.

Not with Maxiopool.io we have our own heavily optimized code base and unique PPS pay scheme for real-time point to XCH converstion.

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