Poll: Power consumption per plot

Hey guys,

how much power does ur farmer consume?

  • < 1 W/TB
  • 1.0-1.2 W/TB
  • 1.3-1.5 W/TB
  • 1.6-2.0 W/TB
  • 2.1-3.0 W/TB
  • more than 3 W/TB

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Thats includes the whole farmer.

Mine is currently a raspi with 4x8TB that draws 38W while syncing:
38W / 32TB = 1.2 W/TB

Now that ive finished my farmer, its efficiency has increased:
62W / 64TB = 0.9 W/TB

My Supermicro 3HE server with 16x 3,5 HDD bays consumses about 186 W only with farming…

4x 10 TB HDDs
8x 14 TB HDDs
2x 16 TB HDDs
2x 8 TB HDDs
→ 200 TB

186 W / 200 TB = 0,93 W/TB

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Plotter, Farmer PC now in Farmer mode:
Core i5 11400F
32GB DDR4 Ram
Seasonic 850w 80 PlusTitanium - Very Efficient PSU
Asus Mobo z590 E Gaming
3x 8TB HDD Toshiba and 2 WD Purple
1x 10TB HDD WD Purple
1x 1TB USB HDD External
2x 1TB Crucial SSD - Filled with plots now

All sum 33.4TiB And Comsumption of 0.075 Kw/h
So 2.25W/TiB


~ 0.71 W/TB (280W/394TB)
~ 0.077 W/Plot (280W/3600Plots)

I have 36 hard drives with 3600 plots on them. 394TB in total:

3 x 16TB
7 x 14TB
10 x 12TB
16 x 8TB

Energy consumption measured ~ 280W (varies between 260-285W) measured with a power meter plug when the screen is off.

All of them are externally connected to a laptop (dell inspiron 15 7000 series) through USB 3.0 hubs. This laptop has 3 usb sockets and I am using all of them. 10 HDD are internal sitting in dual docking stations so 5 docking stations in total. All hard drives have active cooling - 12 x 120mm fans (these are included in the energy consumption calculations)

Never had any stability issues. I’ve had no hard drive failures since I started in May 2021 and no random disconnections, etc.

From my experience, externally connected devices seem to be more energy efficient. Hope that helps


1 W/TiB i.e., 250 Watts / .250 PiB