Pool and OG farming on same Docker container?

I currently have OG farm running on Docker container (Ubuntu 20.04 host) and pool farm running on a Windows 10 machine. How do I run both farms on the same Docker container? If it’s not possible what’s my next best option? I’m just sick of running Windows for the farming part of this project.

The whole point of docker containers is to be dedicated to one program/service and be isolated from everything else.

Why not run two different containers (could use the same image, different configuration for keys)?

Okay, I can go with two different containers, but how is that done when port forwarding is needed for each farm (using the same LAN IP) and a GUI is needed for pool farming?

Needs some kind of networking solution. Starting with something like Docker Compose and up to full blown kubernetes cluster.

Can’t you run equivalent commands in CLI to manage pool nfts? Even if not, you can run GUI once to set everything up, then mount resulting config and keys to the docker image and run as CLI for farming.

Oh! I don’t need the [remote] GUI running full time?? It’s just needed in the beginning and when there’s an issue that the CLI can’t handle or help with?

Yes, there is an equivalent of running full node and all related daemons through CLI. It works the same way, except it has no UI bugs :grinning: