Pool change is not performed

I wanted to change from space-pool to the pool from spacefarmer this morning.

But it was not clean from the beginning.
I see under pooling the spacefarmer.
I also see in my wallet the fee that I have entered. (1mojo)
But I am and remain with space pool in it.
Currently I use the cuda version (alpha 4.5) of chia. There I also initiated it. But I also changed the current stable version and stayed there for 1h. Then again the cuda version.
But nothing changes.

Does anyone have any advice?
Synchronous is everything. Thanks

If you use the CLI command:
chia plotnft show

It should show you the current status of the change (if executed at all), when it was executed, when confirmed and when expected to be effective (block height)
That should tell you a bit more about what’s going on.

Strange… chia restart is accepted. I am in the right directory. But your command returns nothing. I look later again with the official version. Maybe the cuda version can’t do it.

when i see the screenshoot i would guess you only generated a new launcher ID (add a plot NFT) but your pool plots are still at spacepool.

simply enter the space farmer url at space pool and do not generate a new farmer ID.

do not use add a Plot NFT to switch!

do the following:
Pooling → change POOL (POOL WECHSELN )-> connect to pool (Mit Pool verbinden: xchange spacepool url with spacefarmer url) → wait 30 min and it should fine.


Ahhhh… THANKS.
Looks good

“Add a plot nft” => can’t I delete it somehow?
I have now 4 pools in it where I have tried around.

no they were created on the blockchain

but you can delete them from config.yaml and they are hidden until you sync the blockchain once completely from the beginning

Seems like you already figured out the pool situation, but for next time using CLI:

with Command (cmd) use:
chia plotnft show

Windows Powershell use:
./chia plotnft show

If he’s on 2.0.0 RC2 then chia plotnft show is currently broken, there’s a fix in the next release.

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2.0.0 RC2… Yup, I have it.
BUT … it went then nevertheless quite simply.