Pool dilemma and possible strategy

opening statements:

  1. existing plots are only good for solo mining
  2. solo-mining is dead for cap < 100TB
  3. Pool-mining needs replotting
  4. Official pools are only available from June2021


  1. Pool: discard existing plots and replot existing capacity
  2. Hybrid: keep on solo farming using existing plots and pool-plot additional HDD-capacity

i will definitely join an official pool, but i was thinking about what you could do until then and came up with the idea to temporarely join HPOOL just to earn at least some CHIA until official pooling.

  1. Advantages of HPOOL: no need to replot
  2. Disadvantages of HPOOL: they want your 24 words and they only pay out only half of your expected earnings

to prevent worst case scenario stealing my chia out of wallet, I was thinking of this might work (provided, transactions are enabled):

  1. generate new wallet/keys
  2. move existing chia to new wallet (or immediately to exchange for fiat)

Now go to HPOOL, join and bind existing plots and receive rewards to old wallet… other wallet and existing chias should still be safe, just in case.

– what are your thoughts?


what’s the process of joining hpool?

I wouldn’t join hpool. It’s not official, it is counterproductive to decentralization, and it could be an exit scheme. I’m waiting for more reputable pools to emerge once the official protocol is released.


quite complicated… and no english tutorial until now. try this:

all what you say is true, but read again, i didnt say “lets all join hpool”, my question was “why not temporarely, until official pools are available” and instead of receiving nothing (solo mining my plots have not given a reward since ten days now,), hopefully receiving at least a fraction (and do something more useful with my plots until they get deleted because of replotting for official pool) and then leave…

p.s. i was mining bhd on hpool yeras ago, and they did pay out but cheated a little :wink:

Why don’t we create another hpool than, for EU and US. I think they don’t even have an automatic calculation for sharing to each member his pie/per tb added in the pool.
I will be willing to join another hpool than the china one.


Yea, i was talking about creating another hpool, where we can directly use our plots, until the official one comes up.

Are we 100% sure at this point that official pools will require re-plotting?

Bram said they were working on pooling protocols that will allow people jumping between pools. I read somewhere one guy interpreted this as: Currently we are plotting for a pool of one and we will be able to switch to a genuine pool later without having to re-plot. It kinda made sense to me. If you check out Plots tab in the GUI it shows our Pool Key.

If re-plotting is not going to be needed, we can revise our strategy.

Another key factor is price of course. If I can buy myself some coins from an exchange at a reasonable price I might even consider closing shop and use the drives for something else. Or just keep playing the lottery solo.

The month of May hopefully will clarify a lot of things.

Listen to the full answer. Bram said that they want to get the functionality needed for switching pools implemented ASAP so people can start plotting with that before pooling itself is implemented.

Interesting. How did they cheat?
I can totally believe they’d subtly embezzle funds, though it is still a little weird. They’d still get tons of users if they openly charged more fees.

They do have one competitor, UUpool, clocking in at just below 41 PB right now. But unsurprisingly they are also Chinese.

I didnt quite get what i had to expect according to calculator, dont remember exact numbers, but say, 2 BHD/month. after two months i switched to foxy-pool, and it turned out to be more correct, say 2,5 BHD/month same cap (fees not included).

ooops, sorry, I was confusing HPOOL with HDPOOL (eco), thats where i joined mining BHD.

but according to iirc someone posted results of HPOOL and they were about half of the expected earnings…

THAT would be a great solution, cant wait to go on plotting…

Could you provide a source for that?

June2021 is such a long time ((( The pool is needed now!!! Otherwise, the farm equipment will simply be idle throughout May. In June, the amount of possible reward will be much less (((

let me help out:

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exactly my thoughts and concerns. it sux.

try (soon)
trustworthy guy from germoney running PoC pools for long time

Yes, thx, was already on my list :slight_smile:

Another alternative: Chia.Garden Pool

Hmm ok. I was hoping they would implement something compatible with what we’ve already got.

It’s a bit annoying that while knowing pools were coming right after the launch, we are forced to re-plot. It would be more “eco-friendly” if they planned for a smooth transition.

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In the trading kickoff live stream this morning - https://youtu.be/K-JT4b435Qo the Chia team said that the build coming out later this week (so sound like it’ll be 1.1.4) will allow one to plot plots that can be used in their pooling implementation which allowing one to join and leave pools with ones plots. Plots prior to this version are not compatible. The full pooling implementation (when one can actually create/join pools) will not be available until later (late May or June).

As for joining a pool that requires ones 24 word key in the interim. Wouldn’t you have to re-plot all you plots if you decide to leave and basically ditch that wallet? Doesn’t seem worth it with the official pools a month away.