Pool farming - will Netspace matter?

So as far as I understood the idea of Pool farming is to put all rescources of all farming users together to get a higher chance to win? But as we still plotting and farming in pools as individuals the chance to win anything will still depends on the plotting amount ourselves.

lets presume person A has 1000plots while person B has 2500plots. Both using the same pool. Now if they share the rescources that mean 1000plotts+2500plotts = 3500plots. If they win anything both has to share 50/50 or 40/60?

or is the example false? And we still plots as individuals. So person B has a higher chance to win a Chia than Person A? That would mean. its just restarting everything just as months before with a netspace of zero?

yes, false :grin:

A pool still works around the same principle with regard to netspace.
So a 3500 pool has the same chance to win as two people with 1000 and 2500
The point of a pool is to get more steady, dependable rewards, not to get more rewards.

All the rewards the pools earns, are split between the participants according to how much % they contribute to the pool.

Usually you will get a bit extra reward if the plot that won, was your plot.


If those are the only two farmers in the poll then the farmer with 1000 plots will take 28.5% of rewards and the farmer with 2500 plots will take the rest 71.5%.

Or here is an another example. I have 500 plots right now ~50TiB, the expected time to win is 13 days (in chia calculator, CLI shows 1 month, but I will stick to the chiacalculator estimates). That should earn me 4.56 XCH per month in average but I decide to go with pooling instead. Lets assume that pools are already available and I join a really huge pool with 200PIB. That pool would own 6.2480% of the netspace. It will earn 17.53k XCH per month. My share of that pool is 0.000244%. This should make me ~4.27 XCH per month. So by joining a pool I make less but my earnings will be more predictable since I don’t have to rely on luck.

My calculations are based on the current netspace and pooling fees are not included. Also keep in mind that with the current 8% daily grow rate the net space can be around 30EIB in one month. This will of course decrease my earnings to roughly ~0.427 XCH per month.

Personally I hope that the grow rate will slow down and we won’t hit 30EIB in one month :sweat_smile: or hope the price increases by factor 10 as well :laughing:)

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Amen to that, fingers crossed