Pool.Garden live on mainnet: first pool based on official pooling protocol has been launched

We have launched Pool.Garden on mainnet. You can join and start pooling now.

How is that possible? Simple - you just need to install a developer’s preview version of chia client (this is essentially what will become 1.2.0 next week) from official Chia Networks repository.

No fishy third party code. No need to share your keys with anyone. No proprietary protocols and unclear payout schemes. Just the thing that we were all waiting for for the last few months: honest pooling.

There is a catch, however: any plots that you make right now have up to 25% chance to be incompatible with the final protocol version (source). How much to plot in this situation is your choice. But joining with a few plots just to try things out will not hurt :wink:

Finally, while the pool is in “alpha” stage, we do not take any fees. This will continue at least until the official protocol release.

Convinced yet? Here are the instruction on how to join the pool. See you on the leaderboard, Farmer!

The pool is managed by the chia.garden team, high five to everyone who have heard about us before :wink:


136 members and counting!

ok so should i make a seperate folder with only a few plots in it? or can i just use all my current plots?

Separate folder would make it much easier to manage. There is no easy way to distinguish portable plots from old plots, as far as I know.

it says not enough balance in main wallet to create a managed plotting pool

Request small amount of XCH here: https://faucet.chia.net/
Also, drop by our discord we are always happy to help out with any issues :wink:

thanks i hate discord (personal choice). so when you say make a new folder. should I be using it to test and see if my plots work? im just a little confused. i have like 500 plots right now. but the directions linked kind of imply i can just set and go with all my current plots. sorry i just dont want to do it wrong

followed directions.
status says “pooling”
number of plots says “0”

dont see myself on the leaderboard at all. been about 20 minutes. am I doing something wrong?

I cant join discord it tells me i need to agree to the server rules and when i accept it says “this servers requirements have changed please close this and try again”

ive closed and tried again i cant type anywhere just stuck in some loop

No worries. Best would be to create a new folder and plot a few plots there. Your existing plots will continue being farmed, but you won’t be able to bring them into the pool, unfortunately.

ohhhhhh okay so i can only make new plots for the pool then. my existing ones wont work

Your launcher id is displayed on the leaderboard without the leading 0x. Try this link for discord: https://discord.gg/h7bGNQTNXf

Correct. This is a limitation of chia pooling protocol

ok so should I just switch back to the currrent stable release? or can it just let it keep farming here?

You can keep farming with this one

“Portable pooling plots made on testnet will not work on mainnet as a particular plot NFT is tied to the network it is created on.”

Doesn’t this mean any plots created before the mainnet 1.2.0 release won’t work with mainnet?

No, testnet is a different network which requires different client configuration. By default any chia client, including developer preview one, connects to mainnet. According to chia.net, mainnet plots created today have under 25% likelihood of being incompatible with the final version. Seeing how release is scheduled to come in 2-3 business days, they will only change if something catastrophic has been found…

Alright, thanks!

I’ll check the pool out today with a few plots and will start making more next week when the official launch is.

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Right, that’s a safest course of action. Thanks for joining.

Technically week of the 5th or later so it may be more than a few days. Pool protocol was just updated today.

Am I understanding the setup script there, that there is a key built into each plot that is specific to the pool? Will the plots be portable from pool to pool?