Pool Key is blank in plots view - ok or error?

Hi all.

Recently moved over to using SpacePool. I am plotting with MadMax / FuryRoad and replotting the farm, moving over from Hpool.

When viewing plots in the Chia Gui, there’s one important looking column which appears blank:

“Pool Key” is blank for every plot.

Note, “Pool Contract…” is populated.

Does this matter? What is this column for?

In the “pools” section of the GUI, my plots appear to be winning “points” from SpacePool still.

Thanks for your help all.


Pool key was used in the generation of Original Plots and was the old way of working, The new Pool Contract key is used with the new Portable plots and is the new way of working going forward.


Thanks Jeff. Appreciate hearing someone confirm that before I delete and replot it all!

Thank you !