Pool number plot not refresh

I am using Mad max to make plotting but when I move the plot in the folder where there are others plots I have to refresh a lot of time before the number of plots is refreshed in the tab of the pool.
If I dont refresh it doesn’t add the new plot.
This happens to you too?

This seems to be a common problem lately.

Word is, there is a bug in the GUI and its being worked on. In the mean time check your plots are loaded in the command line.

This is just a gui issue. If you check farmer logs and run cli commands to see your plots, it works fine

so it is not necessary to refresh refresh refresh…plot?? :slight_smile:

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If you watch the logs, everytime you hit refresh, its probably reloading the plots again and again in the background, its just not showing in the GUI. :sweat_smile:

Seems like a testing issue. Maybe Bram can spend some of their millions they needed so bad for a team but are not going to spend to pay for some testers.

Now running Chia 1.2.3 in Windows 10. I had plotted a good number of plots over the last few days, maybe 100 or so. I hit refresh plots a few times but saw no change.

I wsa going to do check plots, fearing that I had some part of one of the keys wrong etc… But I closed and restarted the gui first just to see if that would help. Now my 100 plots appeared both on the Farm tab and in the pool tab.

I am monitoring the Maxiopool farmer stats page to see if they suddenly appear or whether it was farming them. Its hard to tell as it is on average netspace 40TiB, but I was showing 345 portable plots before reloading and now 439 after reloading.

Could be a random crash? If not, this whole refresh plots and keeping things up to date needs addressing it’s a fairly basic function.

The plot count refresh issue seems to be fixed in 1.2.3. I moved my full node to a new system yesterday and in the process updated to the latest version. Watching it this morning, I noticed that the plot count is updating by itself like it used to. Just thought I would let everyone know.