Pool Plots and OG Plots

Wondering if any can share information or where to find it.
I understand you can farm your OG plots and also plot new pool plots.
I am wondering about the technical setup.
I use a single plotter/farmer/harvester, its a single machine doing it all.
Will I be able to use the single machine with the single Chia client to farm my existing OG at the same time create new pool plots?

Ive never heard of OG plots before, but im not into hiphop, so what do I know :laughing:

Afaik, U can use ur old plots with the new client
and create new pool-plots or portable plots at the same time. The only thing thats not possible, is to use ur old plots for pools.

I hope, thats what U meant.

OG plots work on hpool, prob some of the other pools.

Hey hey… yep OG…from back in the day

Yep cool thanks for the answer


I was referring to the coming true pools rather than hpool

I dont know how it will work to be honest, I dont pool.
Far easier to work out taxes on an odd payment than 100s of little ones!
I would think you’d be able to farm your old plots while creating new pool ones and farming them.
I think the new plots will just farm from your wallet but redirect some winnings but I’m not sure.
Hopefully someone wiser will answer for definite.
The other poster seems to share my opinion.

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OG Plots are current, portable pool plots are the new ones that allow for pooling.
Currently the 2nd are in testing and not finalized, use them at your own risk. Release is expected this week if all goes well.

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please change your entire setup

if you ever want to win…
not trying to be a d
seriously want to help people

stay safe on here
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