Pool Wallets not showing up

Anyone out there have there system not show there pool wallets since upgrade? I have one machine that will not show the pool NFT’s. I can confirm it is running Chia 1.2, But it only sees the main wallet not the PoolNFT’s.

I have three other machines that see the Pool wallets, I entered the NFT on one windows machine and the other two automatically saw them once it was confirmed.

Do you use the CLI to check the wallets? Set up chia again (copy the blockchain so it’s faster), and import your main wallet with the mnemonic maybe?

I figured it out, or well fixed it. I ended up deleting the wallet database and let it Re-sync. Took several hours but now the system seem the pool nft’s. Why it didnt before shrug

I think it’s been documented that the wallet instances you want to sync to need to be software updated before creating the NFT if you want it to sync automatically. Sounds like they recognize the NFT while processing the block that creates it. If your software wasn’t updated and the wallet is already past that block it won’t see the NFT. Once you’re there it makes sense to destroy the wallet DB and make it resync.

Ahh yes, I do remember seeing that and now I realize that is most likely what happened.