PoolChia.com Great Experience so far


Since everyone is posting about pools, I thought it would be good to give some feedback about my experiences so far. After a lot of research before the pools were launched, I decided to go with poolchia. Here were my reasons at the time:

  • Based in the US
  • AWS is used for all services
  • They actually have bios of the team. Not hiding behind discord screennames.
  • Partnered with ChiaExplorer

So far it has been a great experience. The service has been solid. No issues earning points or connecting to the pool. The discord channel is always active with members and poolchia staff. The pool and farmer dashboards are basic at the moment but constantly evolving. We won our first block really early on but have had some bad luck since. So we’re due. The team is doing a daily XCH drop for any day that doesn’t earn a block of its own.

They truly believe in the future of Chia and are working on additional projects. If you are still looking for a pool, give them a shot. Stop into discord if you have any questions. There is always someone around to help.


We have the best users, I love our community! It’s been bumpy but we’re having a great time!

So you are not associated at all with the people behind pool chia?

I’m not, I’m just a member of the pool. But I do believe @Poolchia is.

I am yes! more than happy to answer questions :slight_smile:

Stopping back in here almost a year later. Still with PoolChia. It has been a good, solid experience. Anyone that may be looking to join a pool for the first time or may be looking to move pools, look them up. They perform really well in all the pool ratings and the team is always supportive. A couple links below to help you find your way.

Why am I reviving this thread?
As the Chia price falls, I suspect there will be a surge of pools closing down as they fail to keep the lights on. I have faith in the PoolChia team and hope that maybe this thread can send some more members their way. Making the pool even stronger.

Website: https://pool.poolchia.com/
Discord: PoolChia


Well, 3 weeks later, not so happy. The pool stopped accepting partials on the 1st and here we are coming up on 5 days later and still no payouts. Communication has been piss poor and inconsistent.

I understand it was a holiday weekend but if you are going to be out of the office then say so. Don’t post up saying “Working on it” the moment the issue happened and then go dark for two days. Then say the issue is fixed and payouts will start in 24 hours … but then 2 days later say they are working on the issue and payouts are on hold until it is fixed. Being a holiday does not excuse poor communication.

I’m extremely irratated at the moment and looking at other pools. I will stick around to get my earned payouts when it comes back online but after that I will be seriously considering another pool or even solo. We’ll see how I feel (if I calm down about this) when the time comes.

I was unimpressed very early on. Teething troubles are acceptable (and expected) but not when communicated badly and there were countless times when the comms didn’t even make sense. Making the devs “hide” behind a middleman became irritating very quickly.

Left and never looked back. I’m usually solo these days, but Spacefarmers.io ticks the boxes for me - direct access to the devs, no BS, and a friendly knowledgeable community. Stats are very detailed and transparent to the public.

Well, the poolchia journey is over. Sadly. But their handling of this last glitch was just horrible and after it was all finalized I was way down on my payouts. So, I have switched over to spacefarmers.io. Very impressed so far but time will tell. Their dashboards are over the top and a very nice IOS app in the works. After some time, I’ll post up my thoughts. In a thread about spacefarmers.

Until then …