Pooling farm? Yeah right

Hey there.

My friend who has just 30Tb never gave a fck for “WARNING Looking up qualities” or any other part of setup and farming solo just won a block.

Goodbye pools.

I have no idea what your point is here :joy:


lol. have fun with that. let us know how it goes. :+1:

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See it as winning Euro millions though chance is better to win a block so hence pools for chia and other crypto’s but in lotteries like euro millions there are also groups that pool together …

Euromillions is 1 chance on 140 mil to win the jackpot kinda … so the more tickets the more chance but no guarantee you will win even if you own 90% of the tickets …

Same applies to farming or mining crypto… the more power (hashrate) or in our case here plots the more chance to win a block but it doesn’t guarantee to win… someone with 1 plot could even win a block.

Call it luck

2021-09-03_19-43-53 - leaving pool

For how long this is going to be?

Pool to solo / or / solo to pool: just a couple of minutes
From 1 pool to another pool: about 30 minutes

For solo obviously :slight_smile: Well it freezed for 15 mins so i closed it manually. Restarting …