Pools can cheat very easily... an ex-pool operating member shares how pools cheat

An ex-pool operating member shares how easily that pools are cheating… Clearly, English is not his language, but you can understand what he is sharing with not much difficulty

How pools are cheating very easily…

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If that source link be deleted, here is a copy of that text:

Well, hi guys.

I was a coreteam member of https://frenchfarmers.net/ (that’s not an advertisement at all.)

Just read at this thread.

Well, if you see this api, we was doing three things to cheat on netstat/ partial / point.

First, netstat.

Second & Third, Solo plot = add partial & points.

it’s not the end.

It was easy to add some solo plot farmer to make the real netspace grow up quickly. Just change pool reward from the chia gui/console and the farmer will get 0.25 , and send 1.75 to the pool wallet.
To make it count as plot nft we did it like that.

api route to add solo plot point
api handler to calculate it

as you can see, that was pretty easy to cheat on point & partial. and that was completly transparent from chia and the pool.

at the beginning the idea was to encourage people to stay on chia, and take their solo plot until they replot. it went to something else, lead by the administrator.

The call was made each 15 minutes, it’s pretty easy of you harvest this endpoint, to see wich partial is fake and not

The difficulty was messed up with that. so if you see leaderboard, there is no difficulty displayed, like that, nobody can see it.

Just checkout at the pool reward adress and this one i don’t know who is behind it, but it’s related to the pool and solo plotting. You can see the 0,25 farmer reward and the 1,75 who go into the pool, and come back to the farmer.

this reward adress is not related to any launcher_id of the pool… Here you can find the endpoit for all farmer

We need tracking & clearty.

with both example above, you can see that it’s pretty easy to cheat on chia-pool, mainly because of thoses two points.

  • Some critical security points is only at the sight of admin, and people on the pool cannot see it. We need to improve the ability of a pool member to check that the pool protocol is not ripped.
  • Netspace calcul should be included by chia-pool-protocol, to ensure that a launcher_id cannot cheat on the size.

if it was possible to add solo plot like that, partial & point, it was totally possible to create a fake user with many point & partial. I was not able to be on the server, locked by admin (security was call) so i wasn’t able to see what my api was used for…

I have wrote thoses code, it was not to scam the community of FrenchFarmer at all. I’m apologized to all other pool who made it legit, and please keep your way on that road !

i’m no longer into the FrenchFarmer community, i have been banned for telling to peoople what was really happening.

Help this post could help Chia.

If you dig deeper you will find that the coreteam member who wrote this was confronted on another forum and his allegations disputed by a simple wallet link showing the earnings. The peep who disputed him said the former member was pissed off because had been fired from frenchteam.

Both conversations were immediately shut down and this writer had to delete his first comment.
It was the first time he had commented at either forum.

This is good evidence of a possible exploit but I see no evidence that frenchteam is committing fraud. I do have suspicion that the author has a big axe to grind and little credibility.

Security is just one of the reasons I do not like pooling, but I think that this shows more evidence of angry guy than fraud.

I have all proof that i hvn’t been fired. I quit the team because of what they did to all farmer on the pool…
I still can proove why i have deleted all post, i went to the police and i have to come back tomorow. They are using my identity to create linkdln account, event account on this forum with my name and my picture.

So trust what do you want or who you want…

Sounds good! If true, go get 'em!

i will, it’s disgusting to attack familly member and professionnal life when you just wanna share the true…

And yeah i’m new on this forum, i was looking for something about fake other pool

Is this related to the official pooling protocol, the one in which the users are pooling with NFT plots?

You are not the sole holder of truth. You might have shown something that could be done but have provided no proof that anything was actually done.
You are obviously ready to rant and battle, but this is not the place.
This is a Chia forum. If you want to battle with frenchcoin then do it at github or discord anywhere related to them. Go to the police. Do what you got to do.

Just don’t try to start a tornado in the Chia forum about how pools are cheating people. I don’t pool and don’t like pooling but I like fire starters even less.

Well i was just saying to the inital post, yeah you’re right, they are cheating and i have the proof of it.

Just to say to people take care and ask for clarity when you join a pool, nothing else.