Pools in the USA

I have been going through the list of pools on this page:


Looking for a reputable/official pool (in the works) that resides in the US. I can tell you that the majority of the pools listed with the American flag on them are not in the US. And it isn’t the pool itself pretending to be from the US, it is the site just not asking the pool where they are (I have confirmed this). I have nothing against other countries and if it turns out that the best pool for me is elsewhere, that is what I will do. But if I can support a local company, I would prefer to do that. So, the following pools are on my short list. Please let me know of other pools that reside in the US that look good to you.

PoolChia.com (this is the pool partnered with ChiaExplorer.com)

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Just to say that, ChiaExplorer has no connection with chia, the company.
Some people think that a pool partnered with chia explorer, it must be official.

Correct. It is an official pool (or will be, meaning it will use the official pooling protocol), but not a pool ran or owned by Chia the company. But by far, that pool does have the largest staff and set of expertise that I have seen in my research. That is not everything, but is nice to see.

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PoolChia is the only legitimate pool I’m aware of giving the US a go. Its difficult to do given the regulations and the KYC requirement. There will likely be other pools that are legitimate or that are less legitimate out of the US. If a pool claims to be in the US but is not asking for KYC then I’d advise caution as the Chia devs have advised its required for US pools.

We’re operating out of Canada. So no KYC requirement plus were very polite.


I built and run TTDpool.com and can assure it is in the US. Iowa in fact. So centrally located even.


Your not asking for KYC? You realize that’s illegal and opens both you and your miners to risk? I also don’t see a privacy policy or terms of service which are generally required by legal entities doing business. What is your legal entity anyway I don’t see any info on who you or your company are. Feel free to point out where these are if I’ve missed them.

For those who are new to business you are required to disclose quite a bit of information in most western nations when you run a business. Checkout https://ethermine.org/ as an example notice the terms of operation and privacy policy which also both state the legal entity they are operating under. Running a pool is a for profit business and you need to ensure you follow the law both to protect yourself and your customers.

I’m sure some are going to say why are we being so strict. Well thats a question for the government. Until then, as citizens we’re required to follow the law. And if a citizen is not following the law then I’d suggest being hesitant to do business with them as they’ve already broken one law and nothing stops them from breaking a second. You wouldn’t put your money with some no-name guy in an alley that has no fixed address or business entity you can pursue so why would online be any different. (techn0 posted a good reply to this but I don’t see it maybe it was deleted).

This topic is about official Chia pools using the (currently not released) pooling protocol. Not hacked together HPool imitations.