Pools postponed again, to sometime in June 2021

From official pool FAQ:

2 days ago:
“Support for portable plots will be released on 31st of May or before on testnet”.

“Support for portable plots will be released sometime in June on testnet.”

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So how does hpool maintain trust? If they can pool unofficially why can’t everyone else? Surely if Bram and the Chia team cannot pull pooling together before a 3rd party figures out a trust system then their official pooling is already deprecated?

Well, I think, if You are able to code such a client like hpool has You are free to do it.

Where is this coming from?
June 2nd there will be an meeting for pool operaters
Bram said on his twitter that pool support will be released “imminently”

I think its already on the testnet.


Insert upset comment…

Still odd though, that -c option is really out already and some testers appear to have been using it already.

When can I start creating portable plots?

Support for portable plots will be released sometime in June on testnet. If you are OK with high chance bugs found in testing that may require to replot, you are free to try it. Otherwise we recommend you wait for mainnet launch.

ouch, its kind a july or august officially, june is testnet with bugs hive.

But, can the appropriate contracts be created already?