Possible 1.3.1 Upgrade Gotcha

While upgrading my rig to 1.3.3 Jacek and I noticed that the old Dbase is incrementing at about 30GB a month. Why is this important? When you upgrade to 1.3.1, everything should work just fine, HOWEVER, IT DOES NOT upgrade your Dbase to V2. You MUST upgrade your Dbase to V2 separately. Also this will insure a really dumb issue. Your SSD (assuming your Dbase is in an SSD) could fill up and leave you really hosed with no place to upgrade and have you chasing your tail on what is wrong as there will be no error messages.

Lastly, your config.yamyl file WILL get all of its handwritten notes you may have put in ripped out. For some reason the Devs did not think that when we put our own verbiage when we change something important. so it strips it out. Dumb.

Anyway, do your upgrade the smart way. Close Chia down. Make sure all processes have stopped. To be extra cautious, reboot your rig and then update. Section 4 of 5 takes about 30+ minutes to complete. The entire process was less than an hour and that includes updating the Dbase to V2.

The Chia team has plans to be consumer friendly. Click one button and it sets up everything for you and runs. It has to be as there are many areas that you can still trip yourself up on. So far, 1.3.1 is running well.

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I would say to use at minimum 500gb SSD boot disk (Samsung 870 EVO 500gb) ebay very cheap and works great. Where did you find the 1.3.3? :sweat_smile:

Actually, today I found another potential problem. I was running sync from scratch on v1.3.1, where config.yaml had already blockchain_v2_CHALLENGE.sqlite (I did run db upgrade on that test box before, but wanted to sync from scratch using v2).

After ~30 hours, I ended up with still v2 name, but apparently v1 db, as it was around 90 GB. This is really a pain. In case someone already has v2 running, and will get db screwed, not knowing about it the db v1 will be brought back to life.

Is there any tool to run against that db that would tell whether this is v1 or v2? I would really like to see the next UI version spelling out on the very first (Full Node) panel which db is running with and potentially highlighting v1 with red.

Could someone confirm that v1.3.1 doesn’t really respect v1 vs v2 names when it starts from scratch?

I would disagree with “boot disk.” Those dbs have a lot of daily writes, and you don’t want to have it on your boot drive.

The second disagreement is that the setup should have a message about it, to warn people, and potentially ask for db location / check for available space. When we warn people, it is already post mortem.

I was also quite surprised to see that neither the download page nor the releases note contained any instruction of the database upgrade. This is the only thing there in the release notes of 1.3.0, not 1.3.1:
Please be sure to have enough disk space before executing the DB upgrade command).
What database upgrade command? Where database upgrade command? How database upgrade command?
As far as I can see, you have to go into the wiki - not under “installation” - but under CLI commands and then you can find the instructions on how to upgrade.

That said, I had 0 issues with the update, just like with every update so far.
Closed Chia, ran the installer, ran the DB upgrade command, delete V1 db. Done.

I was already using a different disk to store the DB in, so I had no space trouble but you can use flags to use a separate location to create the V2 database.

Anyways, there’s a long road still as far as user friendliness :sweat_smile:

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I can agree that I wish it would ask where you want to store the database files. But for the first to keep it simple a nice SSD c: drives is easier for the millions of people. I’m sure they had to think about it in the beginning.

Ooops…1.3.1 :innocent: Thinking to fast and cant type :slight_smile: LOL

Here’s another question.

database_path: wallet/db/blockchain_wallet_v2_CHALLENGE_KEY.sqlite

Weren’t there numbers where the challenge_key statement is in past config.yaml’s?

I found it, in the mainnet\wallet\db folder the files have the numbers in there. I need some coffee…

I will keep 1.2.11 , the best^^

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agree. Ill also keep 1.2.11 until further notice. When v2 db really is established, Ill probably let it sync from scratch…

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