Power cords for DS4246 PSU question

Got my first DS4246 but it didn’t come with the plug in cords for the PSU. Wondering what amp rating I should use on the plugs. While I’m here side question, does it matter which OM6 I plug the cord for the PCI card into?

The DS4246 barely draws much power, even full of SAS drives - maybe 400 - 600 watts.
It does matter what port you plug the cord in from your server/pc into the IOM6.

there is two IOM6’s on the ds4246, so if I only plug one of them in will all the drives still mount?

You can plug it into either one of the IOM6’s to the port with the Square above it. In fact I slightly eject the other IOM6 to reduce power usage even further. You don’t want to take it all the way out other wise it will disturb the airflow. You will still be able to mount all the drives.


Keep in mind that if you are using SATA drives then you can only use the top IOM6 unless you have interposers in the trays. Then you can use either IOM6 to see the drives from your HBA. If you are using SAS drives, then you don’t need the interposers.


Can I still load all the trays with sata drives this way? Just only plug the cable into the top IOM6 is what your saying?

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Correct. You can load all the trays with SATA drive without the interposer and use the top IOM6 to access them.
I have a DS4246 with SATA drives using interposers because I use one IOM6 hooked to my plotter and one IOM6 hooked to my farmer.
But you can use them without the interposers and just use the top IOM6.